Dave Lackie Shiseido VIP Dinner & Talk

Last night Dave Lackie (Beauty Editor and Cityline Contributor) hosted a VIP experience for a group of us. We drank, ate, and listened as Dave and Shisiedo Canada’s Marketing/Business head told us all about the technology of the free swag we all made out like bandits with. Shisiedo’s sunscreen actually becomes more protective when in […]


Let’s Talk Nipples

I may or may not have previously mentioned to you that I have eczema. I believe that it may have come from having asthma as a kid (I was pretty severely asthmatic and had to carry several puffers). Essentially, the after effects of being formerly asthmatic have inhabited themselves on my body skin.


Brown Skincare: The Overview

Friends often ask me why my skin looks so good. The presumption all around is that, because I am blessed with brown skin, my skin is naturally perfect and I do nothing to keep it looking as good as it does. That’s not entirely the case. I was blessed with good skin (thanks, mom!) but […]