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My Perfume & Body Oil Collection

I have come to understand that I have sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it is prone to scratches, rashes, and cracked/dry situations if I am not careful (and I am as careful as one can be). Before, when I would get only mainstream perfumes, I would try and spray just my clothes. But you know what? The […]


Unseen Beauty Essentials 

We all have routines which get our days started or end them. Between those routines, or right in the middle of them, are products which make those routines possible. I thought that I would share mine with you. Here they are: #1. Lip balm I’ve used many lip balms, but none have been as moisturizing […]


Handbag Collection 

You guys, this is a handbag collection post! Rather than wait till I own all the high-end handbags that I aspire to own, I decided that I would show you what I’m working with right now. This post is up to the minute because it includes new purchases, and it’s a post that I am […]