Hair, Skin, & Body

It’s been a while (exactly a month to be exact) since I’ve published a post here. So sorry, but I had a lot of heavy stuff going on in my life (and still do actually), that temporarily managed to put this happy place on hold for a little bit. Still managed to tweet (because, as […]


Detaining Tangles

Here’s a funny thing I just realized while I was riffling through my huge bag of combs: I don’t use any brushes in my hair. I only use combs that are ‘fro friendly: combs go through my hair when it’s wet or damp, or when it has a lot of product in it. My combs […]


On Natural Hair

A foreword: This is not a piece where I get all preachy in order to persuade black women everywhere to start whipping their natural curls back and forth on their head. Not at all. I’m only interested in making you understand why I have chosen to wear my hair naturally, and why I take care […]