🎃Halloween Fitness: Common Sense Reminders & An App To Help You Keep Off All That Halloween 🎃 Candy 🍭 🍬🍫

  Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash  Remember when you were a kid and you walked several blocks collecting loot from your neighbours/fellow ‘hood mates? It was an event: You dressed up, maybe you put on Halloween makeup, and if it was warm enough you didn’t even have to put on your coat. You walked and walked until […]


Ciabatta Heaven

This is what a foodgasm looks like: She is a butternut squash, wilted spinach, butter sauteed onions & mushrooms, eggs, and cucumber sandwich. She was assisted, for the benefit of my stomach, with kettle sea salt chips (cooked in canola oil, if you are interested in knowing those sorts of specifics). I had a blasting […]