COVID-19 and Social Distancing

I’ve been thinking a lot about “social distancing” and the larger impacts that  COVID-19 is having on a global and personal level.

“Social distancing,” although necessary to combat this virus, might seriously hurt people long term. In fact, one could argue that the fruit of “social distancing” is being harvested as we speak…

Some experts are saying that “social distancing” could go on for longer than several weeks, and it might even escalate to confinement in our homes (for a lot of reasons, including people’s inability to comply with expert recommendations) and it makes me nervous. I don’t want this thing to stop our lives any longer than it needs to.

Seclusion and isolation are already HUGE public concerns, and we know that they can be a driving force, leading those who are literally isolating by themselves to feel lonely and sad. Can you imagine if this thing goes on as long as some leading figures are projecting? I shudder to think of it. I can’t even type it in this post.

Cabin fever is also a real thing: there is only so much crib, chess or monopoly you can play with your mate and unpredictable kids, and there are only so many books you can read or listen to before you feel a need to get the heck out of your house.

But, for me, a home cook and baker who likes to be out and about (to see friends and family and live a full life), what pains me the most is how sad this whole situation is. I know social distancing is necessary, but I think it’s also healthy to acknowledge those feelings of disappointment because this new way of living that we’ve been directed into is ruining best-laid plans and livelihoods.

My immediate thoughts and concerns are piling up day-by-day:

1. I miss people.

Instead of seeing people, face-to-face, I’m texting, Facebooking and sliding into DM’s on Instagram. I’m checking-in and I’m letting people know that I care. But, I’m already missing planned and unplanned meetups with friends. The spontaneity of our social lives is something that I think a lot of us are missing right now.

2.  I worry.

It’s tough to admit it, but I worry about how long it’s going to be until we can all live again.

3. I hesitate to eat out.

As a foodie, this is one of the most grievous parts of the Coronavirus.

4. Creative and service careers are in turmoil.

Jobs that can go remote have become home-office based, and those that can’t be home-based have been shut down. Our livelihoods are at stake here, and I just don’t know what’s going to happen long-term because of this.

5. People are dying.

I can’t even wrap my head around the loss of life. Every life is precious and to see so many dying because of this is virus incredibly heartbreaking to me.

I don’t know what’s going to happen weeks or months from now, but I hope people keep communicating with each other (through a phone call, text, Facetime or Whatsapp, and via social media).

Please stay safe and don’t lose touch!



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