Get Ready to Dress Your Feet This Spring


Disclaimer: in light of COVID-19 these shoes will not be made for walking/being out and about until this virus takes several seats and stops taking lives. I’m practising social distancing and I hope you are too. I thank all the doctors and nurses on the front lines, and I hope we see brighter days soon. So, I share this post knowing that though we’re in some pretty troubling times I’m confident that they won’t last forever.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

The truth is, shoes make or break a look: not only are they often the main event, but wearing the wrong pair of shoes can totally derail an outfit.

For example, what’s up with the dad shoe + slip dress trend? Whatever happened to wearing a nice pair of d’Orsay heels with a slip dress and a solid pair of canvas sneakers on casual days with a pair of jeans?


Wearing the right pair of shoes will elevate your personal style and take you to the next Mario Cart level of style. Because an all-encompassing outfit is made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll do…


There are certain types of shoes that I truly believe will take your style to the next level. Do you want to find out what they are?

I’m assuming that if you’ve read this far, you certainly do!

Please keep in mind that I’m showing you shoes that will get you through formal or casual occasions, not purely functional pieces like snow boots or Wellington boots (for winter and spring respectively). Though I do have some of those, they don’t have a place in this kind of a post. ☺️ Also, I like classic style with an edgy modern twist, so keep that in mind too as I share my shoe must-haves!

Now,  shoes…



Canvas sneakers


Round Toes

Pointed Toes

d’Orsay heels

Kitten heels

My Top Tips:

Find your shoe style by experimenting with different styles for cheap.

Hit up online retailers like Etsy, Amazon or eBay for affordable shoes, or your local second-hand store for one-of-a-kind finds! Shopping this way keeps costs down and allows you to see what you actually like. So, f you tried a few pairs of shoes and you didn’t like them at all, then you can send them on their way knowing that you didn’t spend a ton of money!

Think of your lifestyle.

If you know that you’re not going to wear heels very often, then buy fewer heels and more loafers and sneakers! Your shoes are meant to work with your lifestyle, serving as part of the image that you get every say in portraying.

Don’t be afraid to play with colour.

It amazes me how afraid of colour people are. I understand why some people wouldn’t be bold enough to wear a bright coloured blouse or jacket, but I say shoes and handbags are where you should have all the fun!

Invest in neutrals.

As much as I love colour, across the board in my wardrobe, if you’re looking to build a versatile closet then you should prioritize neutrals over colour.

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