Spring/Summer Trends That I’ll be Rocking in 2020

I’m so glad that we can finally put winter behind us (at least, for a little while) and focus on spring!

Although it’s not my absolute favourite time of year (fall/autumn is), there are some perks that come with springtime. Aside from the warmer weather, ushered in by a lot of rainfall, there are light and bright dresses, suede booties and jackets (on crisp early spring sunny days), silk blouses and all the great spring and summer produce to enjoy.

So, yeah, spring is not anything to scoff at. Not at all!

That’s why I thought I’d share a two-part post about the spring/summer trends that I’ll be rocking in 2020, and trends that I’ll be avoiding. This post is part one.

Are you interested? Keep reading, then!


1. Polka Dots


Altuzarra S/S 2020  (Image credit)

There is not much to say about this trend, as it’s a classic print that you will not regret investing in. It’s as timeless as black and leopard print in the autumn/winter! It’s hardly a trend because it’s such a staple in so many wardrobes, but I noticed the polka dots were often black and white and they played with the cut and shape of the dresses too.

Seen on: Altuzarra and Michael Kors

 My take: 

I have a gorgeous black and white polka dot print dress (pictured above) that’s a bit unusual because the polka dots are not precise dots. I love dresses like this: they’re playful, cheerful, classic and on-trend at the same time. A classic wrap-dress like this will never go out of style!

2. White Suiting

Altuzarra S/S 2020  (Image credit)

Although wearing white in the warmer months is not a new trend, the runway is freshening it up with key styling details. I’m into Altuzarra’s chain detailing, and the crochet shell that they layered over a classic striped button-down!

Seen on: Altuzarra, Philosophy, Max Mara, Alexander McQueen, Etro, and Victoria Beckham

My take: 

I’ll be wearing white and cream suit jackets and blouses, and I’ll also be wearing white and cream bags and shoes. Although I don’t own a crisp white blazer or trousers, both are pieces that I’m looking out for. So, in the meantime, I’ll wear my Alfred Sung white and black blazer, and my white and cream linen and silk blouses, with breezy dresses, trousers and denim.

3. Floaty Pieces

Victoria Beckham S/S 2020  (Image credit)

Seen on: Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham, and Chloe

Again, wearing light and airy pieces in the warmer months is basically a necessity, but I noticed some great solid coloured pieces on the runway. I think a silhouette like this is terrible on a figure like mine (defined waist, wide hips and a bum), but with a belt to highlight the waist, it would look really nice!

My take:

For me, a belt is a must! I will be wearing floaty dresses and jumpsuits cinched in at the waist. And since I don’t have any floaty dresses in my closet (as I tend to go for more fitted dresses and things with more structure), I’ll buy into this trend at the thrift store or at vintage shops on Etsy.

4. Vintage Denim

Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini S/S 2020  (Image credit)

Seen on: Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, Givenchy, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Versace, and Alberta Ferretti

Sustainability in fashion is becoming more and more commonplace, and that’s a good thing! Why waste perfectly good materials when they can be used again? I love repurposing things and I love that the fashion industry is making a habit of doing this too!

My take:

Since I own more than enough vintage denim jackets, tops, pants and skirts, I won’t buy excessively into this trend. I plan on wearing my vintage denim the way I always do: with pumps, silk and linen blouses, leather skirts and pants and blazers!

5. Very 70s

Paco Rabanne S/S 2020  (Image credit)

Seen on: Alberta Ferretti, Paco Rabanne, Chloe, Fendi, and Victoria Beckham.

For me, the 70s is all about the exaggerated lapel, wild crochet looking prints, plaid and rainbow colours. I like how it looks on other people, but I’m not into a 70s head-to-toe kind of look for myself. So, I think I’ll dial it down several notches to suit my personal tastes and style this spring.

My take:

Rather than committing 100% to a decade of style, I will grab it in pieces (by wearing a nice 70s inspired embroidered blouse, a statement blazer (paired with a lot of neutrals), a suede bag or booties, and statement earrings). I can’t commit to it all the way, but I can take it in doses.

So, those are the spring/summer trends that I’ll be rocking in 2020. Which trend speaks to you the most?


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