Styling My Natural Hair

My hair is a tricky business. I think it’s beautiful, Afro curls and all, but it’s at an awkward length and sometimes I want to do other things to it (so that it can lay the way I want it to when I don’t have crochet braid extensions in my hair).

So, on most days, when my hair is out (usually in the summer) I rock a wash and go.

I haven’t done twist outs or Bantu knot outs in years, not since I first went natural in 2010 and did them as a way to grow out my natural hair without cutting it all off.

But I can play with it at this length, and I want to.

I use products from a handful of different brands. Its taken me years to find these products and I’m really happy about what they do for my hair. They perform well, keep my tresses moisturized, and (bonus!) they make my hair smell very good.

Let’s take a closer look at my key hair products, shall we?

The products…

Vita Goods scalp massaging shampoo brush

Excuse my nails in this photo, please! I am trying to decide whether I want to still fingerpick or use an actual pick for guitar playing!

really like this shampoo brush. Surprisingly, it doesn’t tangle my hair up, it does leave my scalp feeling extra clean (and free of the products I put in it after I wash my hair), and it feels really nice.

Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave-in

It smells like honey and it really does add a certain sleekness and shiny finish to your hair. But be warned: a little bit goes a long way! Your hair can get super greasy if you slather this stuff on too much!

TGIN Twist and Define Cream

This product is UNBELIEVABLE! Not only can I use it for twist-outs and Bantu-knots, but it’s also amazing when I want to run a Denman brush through my hair and wear it as a wash and go! I love this stuff!

TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

I’ve never seen my hair drink up a product as it does with this hair mask. It’s like my hair was starving for this mask. My hair absolutely loves it!

Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

I use a small amount of this product to condition my hair after washing it, and it does a great job of keeping my hair hydrated and ready for hair manipulation!

Natural Sisters Mega Growth Hair Oil

I always massage this in my scalp and it’s honestly the best thing ever. It stops my scalp from itching, and it is very soothing for the scalp in the winter.

Natural Sisters Leave-in Conditioner

I like to spritz a bit of this product on to detangle my hair, and then combing it, before applying my tgin twist and define cream. It genuinely does detangle and condition the hair. It’s a great product from a hair salon out of Harlem, New York.

Denman Brush

This is my go-to detangling and defining hairbrush! I recommend it for any girl with thick and fine hair like mine.

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activating Cream

I use a tiny amount of this product to help hold the curls I’ve made with my Denman brush. It works very well and it smells good!

The results:


Twisted out?

Too embarrassing to show….it was an utter failure! This is why I usually rock a wash and go because it’s so easy to do and it keeps my hair looking the way I want it to look!

Wash and go results

I usually leave it down or slick it up in a ponytail…

When I leave it down, the shrinkage is so real!

….But when I put it up, it slicks back easily (well, as easily as curly hair can slick back)…

This photo was taken right after I slicked back my hair!

So, you see, it’s a bit of an ordeal and I can’t wait till my hair grows to the length I want it to be!

How do you care for your natural hair?!


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