My vintage handbag collection is growing…

Growing, growing, incoming…

Vintage vs. Luxury

If I had all the resources in the world, would I buy a Kelly or a vintage bag?! The answer, for me, is simple: I’d buy a vintage bag.

In reading that, you might be thinking: Is she nuts? If she had the money, why would she buy a nameless bag instead of a Hermes or a Chanel?

Well, let me explain…

There are three reasons why I prefer vintage ANYTHING (including handbags) over luxury. And though my rationale is not going to shock you or blow your mind, here it is nonetheless:

1. More character

If you know me, you know that my closet is comprised of (mostly) vintage blazers, vintage denim, vintage silk and linen blouses, and vintage everything! I love that, when I buy vintage, chances are no one else is going to get their hands on what I have in my closet. The history, the character, and the craftsmanship of a vintage piece cannot be compared to a factory-made garment.

2. More Bang For My Buck (most of the time!)

When I say I’ve made out like a BANDIT multiple times, I’m not kidding! $6 vintage skirts, a $20 dollar bag (that could easily have been sold for $200 in a boutique), and $10 dollar shoes that were clearly well-made and luxurious on the feet. It’s not like I’m trying to run a race to grab much as my money can buy, but I am trying to round out my wardrobe and get pieces that can help me express who I am. And when it comes to handbags, the very thing that carries my personal items and finishes my looks, I like to have variety in my wardrobe.

3. More Unique

Although I follow trends extensively, it’s not every day that I aspire to look like a carbon copy of everyone else. I like classic style with an edge, I like a look with some flair and personality, and I’m a little eclectic too. That’s where vintage shopping comes in: not only do I snag one-of-a-kind pieces, but I also get pieces that speak to me and my personal style.

My taste…

I love vintage top-handle bags. I think they’re incredibly chic, sophisticated, versatile, and I can wear them with virtually anything. They elevate my looks and they hold my personal items style.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite vintage bags

Seniorita Roja (aka The Red Lady)


A true-red suede, this stunning lady looks amazing with a pair of jeans, a neutral blazer, and a silk blouse or a turtleneck. I also love wearing her with my bright orange slacks, and with virtually any look. I found a pair of heels that match her exactly, and I’m hoping to pick them up very soon!

Madame Classic


I checked Etsy obsessively for this bag, literally several times a day, for months before deciding to message the seller of this bag (back in October) and ask her to hold it for me on the occasion of a birthday gift to myself. She is stunning, she is classic, and I see her with my crisp linen or smooth-silk blouses, blue jeans, and my favourite pair of brown loafers.

Madame Congeniality


I adore this bag! Not only was she reasonably priced, but she also looks better in real life than she does in photos (trust me). She is just as versatile as Madame Classic, and she really runs marathons for me. I can dress her up and dress her down, and she works for all seasons.

Madame Shine 


She is small, for sure, but she’s mighty: not only does she fit all of my essentials, but she is also a truly structured top-handle bag that I adore wearing for all seasons. I like her as an evening bag, and I also enjoy wearing her in the daytime with a sweater dress or jeans and a blazer. I take her everywhere.

Madame Colourblock


Madame Colourblock has gone out to a fashion show, nights out, and anywhere I can manage to take her. She performs like a dream, and the dent on her face just gives her an added character and a lived-in look. I love wearing her, and I’ll keep her in my collection for the long-haul.

Madame Cheerful img_1314

I can’t remember how much I paid for this bag, but I can assure you that she was worth every penny. She’s a classic, sleek, and spacious evening bag, and she’s so good that I’m sometimes tempted to grab her to wear in the daytime ( and I do!). I believe in getting as much use out of my bags as I can. She goes above and beyond!

So, those are the vintage bags that I’ve been loving lately.

As the year winds down, A LOT of things are changing. So look out for all kinds of new content in 2020 and (hopefully) some other lifestyle content before the year draws to a close.



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