What Fits in My Vintage 50s Patent Leather Top Handle Box Bag

I recently bought an amazing vintage leather top handle box bag from a shop on Etsy called zeesvintagefashion and I love it!

It’s compact, it feels nice and solid in my hands, and it matches all my denim, silk and leather (which I look forward to wearing this autumn/fall) like a dream.

But it’s small. And wearing such a small bag has meant that I’ve had to slim down my “essentials” and only bring what I feel is necessary. A challenge? Sure! But I was up for it!

I managed to fit a good amount in my new 8 3/4 by 6-inch bag, and I’m about to show you what I was able to squeeze into it…

So, if you’re interested in finding out what can and can’t fit in a small top handle bag, keep on reading…

What fits…


Lipgloss (Maybelline and Fenty Beauty), a hand cream, and a mini dental floss

Cash-money & sun blockers: 

Coin purse, wallet, and one pair of Rosegold Rayban sunglasses…


Gum and my favourite little ornaments

What didn’t fit…

Out of all my essentials, these two (and also my cell phone, an iPhone XR, which is not pictured) didn’t fit…

Compact mirror & hand sanitizer:

I made peace with my compact not fitting because my cell has such a glare that it acts as a mirror. And, as for the hand sanitizer? I’ll just plop it in my blazer pocket when I really need it.

I’m usually a medium to large size handbag kind of woman, but lately, the pull of a compact bag has made me a believer!

What’s your handbag size (small, medium, or large)? Let me know  (in one way or another)!


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