My Summer Style Wishlist

I was just sitting around, looking through my admittedly satisfying wardrobe, and thinking about how I could make it even better than it already is. I am happy with the pieces that  I’ve curated (aside from my handbags so expect a new handbag collection post late this year or early next!) but a few pieces are missing.

Here’s why: although I sometimes enjoy the heat, I have to admit that I am not a summer lover. I live in Ontario, Canada, where it’s semi-cold (fall), VERY cold (winter), wet-cold (spring), and then EXTREMELY HOT (summer). So, for most of the year, I’m focused on looking sleek and stylish while also trying to stay warm. So, I love investing my coins into blazers, cashmere, leather, wool, and other warm materials.

But, now, super-extreme heat is upon us and I know that adding some key pieces to my wardrobe would make it a bit tighter (at least until it’s Autumn again and I’m back in full-form).

If you’re interested in finding out what I think would do my wardrobe some good, then keep on reading…

#1. White Denim



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I’m looking for a white denim jacket, a white denim skirt, and white denim jeans. I don’t think that you should only wear white before labour day (so, when I acquire these pieces I would definitely wear them in the fall/autumn season too, at least) but I think there is something really special about crisp white in the summertime.

#2. More Silk


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I own and love a lot of silk blouses, but I’d like to add some silk slip dresses and silk slip skirts to my collection. I love the idea of wearing a silk slip skirt in the fall/autumn season just as much as I like the thought of wearing one with a cropped blouse or a nice t-shirt.

#3. Leather Sneakers


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Although you won’t catch me wearing chunky dad sneakers anytime soon, I do like the look of leaner and sleeker leather tennis shoes.  So, I’m officially on the hunt for a great pair of white and brown leather sneakers.

#4. Blue & Yellow Suede Pumps


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I love wearing heels with denim, leather pants and skirts, and nicely tailored trousers. So, if you catch me on a neutral day (which is kind like spotting a groundhog in the wintertime, but stranger things have happened) then I would insist on having a bright bag and bright heels. They’re a great way to add colour to monochrome or generally neutral outfits.

#5. Vintage Designer Bags


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I love vintage bags, so why not buy some vintage designer ones? I love the craftsmanship of luxury bags, so I think its time to add some to my collection!

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my wishlist for summer. Of course, these pieces would translate well for autumn and even winter (in some cases) but we’re focusing on summer here.

What’s on your wishlist?


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