The Style Pieces You Should be Investing In


it’s me again…

And I’m back with a play on the intro to TLC’s Creep (an iconic song) and a fun post about one of my favourite subjects: fashion!

Specifically, I want to talk about multifunctional pieces that you will get your money out of, should you choose to invest your coins into them.

These style pieces are items that might seem like they’re more expensive at first, but when you buy them they make all the difference in your personal style.

The items I’m talking about today are building block investments, otherwise known as “accessories.” Not only do they finish a look, but they can also elevate the most basic outfit (such as a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a blouse) into a truly intentional style statement.

There are five accessories that I believe you should invest in. So, if you’re interested, then keep reading this post to find out what they are!

1. Belts

Belts are the big guns you call in when your look is missing that special something to take it over the edge. If your dress is making you look like you’re wearing a sack, then put a belt around your waist and watch it become a more cohesive look. If you’re wearing a fantastic pair of jeans, a great blouse, and heels, a fun belt can really make it stand out.

If you don’t have a big budget to spend, then don’t! There is no need to shell out $1000 or even $50 on a luxury belt. Most of my belts are vintage, thrifted, or handmade. They were moderately priced and I’ve kept them for a very long time because they are quality.

2. Bags

I’m going to have to do an updated handbag collection in the future because I have certain handbags on my ‘must have’ list and some bags that have run their course in my collection. However, bags are just as important as belt’s, and I’ll tell you why: bags can add a much-needed pop of colour, texture, and interest to almost any outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a monochromatic white, black, or navy look, imagine what a great structured bag with an interesting texture (such as a quilted Chanel or an alligator Kelly) would do! Just like shoes, a chic look is nothing without a great bag. Honestly, not holding a great bag is like putting on a full face of makeup and forgetting to put on your mascara or your lipstick or lip gloss. Without a great bag, it’s not going to look right!

Speaking of shoes…

3. Shoes

A lot of people still believe that putting the biggest chunk of their money into clothing is the right thing to do, but they’re wrong. I think you should invest more in your shoes, and here’s why: similar to belts and bags, a great pair of shoes can catapult your outfit to new heights. Imagine any of the shoes pictured in this post (all mine, thank you!) with a great pair of jeans or leather pants. How hot would both looks be? They would be blazing hot, and I know because I like leather and denim, and both materials look good with my shoes. It’s really hard to date shoes: clothing, with time, can cycle out of style (especially if you’re someone who likes a trend-driven wardrobe). But shoes, unlike clothes, come in certain cuts and shapes, and, so, they stay classic. Even if you buy a shoe with a trend-driven print, then you could still pull it off ten years later with a great pair of jeans and a t-shirt. In a future post, I will break down the types of shoes which I believe are essentials to having an elevated wardrobe. But, for this post, I will say this: whether you like flats, loafers, or heels, spend as much as you can afford on your shoes.

4. Sunglasses


Even though I own a lot of Rayban’s, you probably only need two good pairs of sunglasses: one everyday pair and one statement pair. Both of my personal selections are Rayban’s: my everyday pair is my classic black Wayfarer Rayban (which I’ve had for about 11 years now), and my statement pair is my rose gold Rayban which I bought last December. Of course, I switch sunglasses pretty often (and that’s why I own so many) but if I had to choose two, they would be the two that I just mentioned. Your everyday sunglasses don’t have to be expensive: as long as they look good, protect you from the sun’s rays, and make you feel fantastic, they’ve done their job. Your statement sunglasses should lift your look on days you want to stand out, and make you feel amazing too.

My Everyday Sunglasses:

My Statement Sunglasses

5. Jewellery

Jewellery is such a personal thing. For me, gold and rose gold jewellery are incredible with a crisp white blouse and a pair of jeans, or even a bright silk blouse and a leather skirt or trouser. I might share my jewellery collection in a future post, but there isn’t much to say in this post, here, is there? Jewellery is the icing on the cake, the pièce de résistance!

Here’s a quick look at some of my favourite necklaces, bracelets, and rings…

What are some accessories that you can’t live without?


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