5 New and Old Fashion Trends That I Would Never Wear

While I mostly focus on showcasing pieces and trends that I like and wear, I thought I’d step my foot in it and talk about trends that I absolutely hate!

Groundbreaking? Perhaps not, but it’s definitely going to be fun to write!

Casual disclaimer: I can assure you that no fashion trends or garments were harmed in the making of this message/blog post! However, I would ask you to please keep in mind that this is fashion (not world peace) and my opinions are just that!

And while it’s true that I’m trashing a handful of en vogue trends and putting them in the proverbial corner of the thrift store that no one visits, it’s all in good fun. C’est la vie!

With that said, let me get straight into sharing my personal perspective on the trends that are taking over our streets this season…

1. Chunky “Dad” Sneakers


Picture credit: HIGHSNOBIETY 

I think this trend has been around for a while…I don’t know, perhaps I’ve blocked out how long it’s been going because it’s hurting my eyes!

What I don’t like about this trend is that people are actually styling these shoes with slip dresses and skirts (which, in case you were wondering, is what’s “fashionable” today)!

For me, it’s all about proportions: chunky sneakers with slip dresses and slip skirts is an awful look. A floaty skirt or dress, that clings to the body, should be worn with (IF any sneaker at all) a sleek canvas shoe and a leather jacket. Of course, I prefer a low-heeled sandal or ankle boots with a slip skirt or dress, but if you want to do the ‘casual’ look, then do it right. And maybe, if you were wearing a denim pencil skirt or a denim overall dress, then you might get away with wearing a slightly thicker sneaker, but overall I think the dad sneaker trend is kind of like shoulder pads in the 80s. Not only are they unflattering, but they should be cut out of every wardrobe! Chunky dad shoes should have stayed on the catwalk.

2. Torn Jeans


Picture credit: Outfitmade

Jeans that are extremely ripped (whether at the knee or on the thighs) look messy, unpolished, and cheap. Why the heck would you wear jeans so ripped that you might as well cut them off and turn them into short-shorts?

I should also mention that, apparently, “butt ripped” jeans are what it’s all about now:


Picture: Poshmark

Yeah, I don’t get the value of this look at all. I think it’s ridiculous!

3. Bicycle/Cycling Shorts


Picture credit: Fashionista

No shade to those of you who love this trend, but I just don’t understand why these have become a thing, just because the runway says so. It’s like eating fruit cake (disgusting!) just because the English eat them at weddings. Honestly, it looks really bad. I refuse to wear bicycle/cycling shorts with blazers, hoodies, sweater/jumpers, as is the trend, and I refuse to wear them when I’m at home or at the gym.

4. Lingerie as a Top


Picture credit: Fashion Nova

Sorry Fashion Nova, but I refuse! As far as I’m concerned lingerie is for the bedroom, not the streets! No matter how many videos and images that I’ve seen (from typically very stylish ‘influencers’), I still can’t get into bed with this trend.

5. Low-Rise Jeans


Picture credit: Harpers Bazaar

Funnily enough, I actually wore this trend to my high school on non-uniform days (but you’ll never see it here because this is another trend, ala the 2000s, that I REFUSE to wear)! If you have an hourglass figure or a pear shape figure….heck if you carry any padding on your butt or hips, then this won’t look great on you.  I’ll stick to my high-waisted jeans, thank you very much!

What are some trends that you would never syle? Let me know ( in one way or another)!


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