What’s New In My Wardrobe For Spring 2019

Hey, guess what? We’ve almost survived another winter! So, in celebration of that, I thought it was high time to share what I picked up for the upcoming season!

I love shopping for vintage pieces that are classic, timeless, and elegant. They look good, they’ve already stood the test of time, and they make me smile. When I shop vintage, I find gems for a reasonable price that I genuinely wouldn’t find anywhere else. I feel like a lot of brands cheap out on the quality of material these days. Unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on one blouse, you will miss out on those high-end materials. So I thrift and shop vintage most of the time.

For the most part, this ‘haul’ is devoid of any colour. I’m not sure why this is the case (since I typically love a lot of colour) but I guess all I can say is that I have enough bright blazers, silk blouses and bright trousers to keep my love for colour going.

I have to milk Spring 2019 for all it’s worth because it’s the only season in the year until Fall when I get to have a sense of style. I say that because once summer hits, it’ll be all about being a beach bum, picnics, hiking and wearing as little as possible (while still looking decent according to my standards). So I’m going to live my style until the heat turns up in May/June.

Keep scrolling down to see my picks for 2019 Spring…

#1. Orange trousers from WearingMeOutVtg

Spring 2019, Orange Etsy Pants
Ready for spring 2019!

#2. Vintage camel Coloured Blazer & Vintage Escada Blazer & from Clotheslinesvintage


#3. Earrings…

Statement earrings from Clotheslinesvintage:

Spring 2019 Haul, New-in 2019 Spring, Statement earrings

 Various hoop & round earrings from tobedetermined:

Knotted Earrings from ImprovGoods:

Spring 2019 Haul, New-in 2019 Spring, Knotted Earrings,

#4. Blouses from ImprovGoods:

Vintage Embossed Cream Tunic Blouse

Vintage Ecru Linen Blouse

Vintage Cotton Oxford

White Linen Blouse

Vintage Caramel Silk Blouse

Vintage Cream Silk Button-down Blouse

Black Ribbed Silk Blouse

Vintage Olive Silk Blouse

How will I be styling these pieces? I’ll be wearing them with older vintage pieces that were already in my wardrobe. Particularly my vintage leather skirt and vintage leather trousers, my vintage and thrifted denim skirts and pants, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

Look out for my shoe capsule wardrobe post (coming soon)! 


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