A Short Year In Review: So Long 2018…

Happy (almost) New Year!

This isn’t going to be a deep and introspective post. Instead, I’m going to share a quick overview of my experience with 2018 as it comes to a close. Ready? Let’s go!

My favourite 2018 Instagram photos:

October – December 2018:






April – June:



January – March:


Self Q&A:

What were your first impressions of the year (from January to March)?

I was pumped for a new year and absolutely certain that this year would be magical the whole way through.

And your middle of the year thoughts (April to June 2018)?

In late April to early May, I had decided that I would fulfil one of my hobbies of learning how to play the guitar that I had sitting in my bedroom more proficiently.

I wanted professional lessons and I got them.

Although I am not yet an expert player, I know most chords off by heart, I can play (slowly) the beginning of Queens Crazy Little Thing Called Love and (slowly) the riff of Smoke On The Water. I am proud to be sticking to it. I can #confirm that it’s my goal to be able to play any song expert level by the third quarter of 2019.

And your third quarter thoughts (July-September)?

My thoughts in the third quarter were of a project that I was/am working on. I promise to keep you posted as I have more to share!

What are your thoughts as we look towards a new year?

As we look towards a new year, I am eager to get moving! I am hopeful that all areas of my life will be fruitful and I am looking forward to meeting 2019.

What do you most look forward to in 2019?

Nothing that I’m willing to tell you (yet)!

Wishing you all the very best in this coming year!



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