New: What I’ve Been Loving Lately (From Etsy)!

I’ve done a bit of shopping on Etsy recently and I’ve discovered some great shops which I feel you should know about and some amazing pieces that I’m eager to share with you.

Also, because I’m a creature of habit when it comes to shopping, I returned to some of my favourite shops and made some purchases in those places too.

I love to find the find on Etsy: I’m always browsing the ‘racks’ of various shops near and far because I get excited about finding the piece that will fill any gaps in my wardrobe (clothing and accessories included).

So, if you’re interested, scroll on and discover my recent incredible Etsy finds…

Love #1: Antonio Scepi Brown leather clutch bag from MushkaVintage3



I thought about this bag for a long time before I decided to go ahead and take the plunge,  and I’m really glad I did. The leather is fantastic and buttery and in amazing condition. I like to carry my life in my bag, so I’m glad that it’s big enough to hold the things I need and the things that I probably should have left at home!

I have plans to make more purchases at this seller’s shop in the near future because of her seriously amazing inventory. She’s in Quebec, Canada, she’s very nice, accommodating, and friendly, and everyone should check her out!

Love #2: silk and satin from clotheslinesvintage & founditgreat

Note: please excuse the wrinkles – I haven’t been able to bring myself to steam the bottom of them yet (as these photos were taken) because I’m nervous to steam my clothes for the first time! Also, that part gets tucked into bottoms!

From clotheslinesvintage:

Vintage silk blouse, What I've Been Loving Lately from Etsy

Vintage satin blouse, What I've been loving lately from Etsy

Vintage silk blouse, What I've been loving lately from Etsy

From founditgreat:

vintage silk blouse, what I've been loving lately from Etsy

vintage silk blouse, what i've been loving lately from Etsy

These are the two shops that I frequent. I go because they have amazing clothing and accessories. One shop (clotheslinesvintageshop) is in Barrie, Ontario and the other (founditgreat) is in Riga, Latvia. I frequent both shops because the inventory is greatthe quality is always fantastic, and the sellers are amazing.

As you can see, I have a thing for blouses: I love tucking them into denim, corduroy, and leather skirts, and I love wearing them with denim pants too. They are all buttery soft and everything that I hoped they would be.

Love #3: Danier buffalo check suede blazer from windermerestudio

I, Adaora, what I've been loving lately from Etsy
Hey, it’s me again…

Vintage Suede blazer, what I've been loving lately from Etsy

I have been wearing this blazer a lot lately because it’s a thick and warm blazer that fits me very well. This was such a good find: this seller has a lot of great items in her shop (in fact, this was not my first purchase from her!) and she’s very kind. So go ahead and check her out!

Love #4: Handmade jewellery from Geominimalist

jewellery, rings, what i've been loving lately from Etsy

Jewellery, earrings, what i've been loving lately from Etsy

jewellery, earrings, what i've been loving from Etsy lately

I’ve been buying a lot of jewellery lately, and I’ve been drawn to dainty rings and earrings. My plan for the earrings is to use them to get two more studs on both of my earlobes. I like the look of wearing multiple mini hoops or studs at the same time, kind of like this…

^ And this is literally the shop that I will be getting two more earlobe piercings from in the new year (I just have to make an appointment)!

Do you have any new recent favourites? Describe them to me/let me know (in one way or another)!


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  1. We are so grateful you included our vintage Antonio Scepi leather bag in your beautiful blog!
    Mushkavintage3 on Etsy –

    1. Adaora says:

      Of course! Thanks for all that you do for fashion! 😃

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