Preparing For Winter 2018/2019: Skincare Routine

Skincare routine, preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
The Lineup!

You saw how I prepare my wardrobe for winter and now it’s time to share how I prepare my face for the bone-chilling cold (because it’s coming)!

Fall/autumn is my favourite time of year, and sadly it’s about to leave us. The temperature has dropped so low that turtlenecks and leather are not enough (and I am now forced to put on a coat over my cute outfits). It’s that time of year where it gets so cold that my skin becomes very dry if I don’t do something about it (and obviously I am not going to just sit there and let my skin dry out).

What do I do to combat dry skin? I follow a skincare routine using products that work for me.

This is my winter prep and winter skincare routine…

Step One

The first thing I do is cleanse my skin with Best Nature’s Cosmetic Organic Black Soap and Aloe Wash.

Best Nature's Cosmetic Black Soap & Aloe Wash, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
Smells pretty ordinary but when used the results are extraordinary!

It has such an intense formula! To get a lather, all you have to do is pump it into your hands and rub them together. I find that it leaves my skin very clean but not dried out (as is the case for some other cleansers).

Side note:

Once a week, mostly in the mornings, I will exfoliate my skin using Fresh’s Sugar Face Exfoliant…

fresh sugar face polish , preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
Expensive, but worth every penny.

It smells so good! But beyond the smell (because I will use a product that smells sketchy if it performs a miracle for my skin) it actually leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. Although this product is expensive for how little you get in a jar, it works.

Step Two

The next thing I do is tone my skin with EarthRealmCo’s Think Pink – Facial Toner.

Earth Realm Co Think Pink Toner, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
This stuff is the real deal!

This is a fantastic toner that I buy from one of my favourite skin care brands on Etsy, and it is honestly the best toner that I have ever used. It removes any leftover dirt or oil, it smells divine, and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

Step Three

After using one toner I use another in the form of a spritz: EarthRealmCo’s Sarau Facial Toning Mist.

Earth Realm Co Sarau Facial Toning Mist, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
The best face mist I’ve ever tried!

This is a product that I received as a sample with a previous order (for being a return customer) and I was shook by how good this is. I actually use this right before I put on my serum and on the rare occasion that I put on a foundation I use this too.

Step Four

After spritzing, I use EarthRealmCo’s Glow Facial Serum.

Earth Realm Co. Glow Serum, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
The best serum I’ve ever used. Your skin really does glow!

really like this serum, and I think I’ll keep her. She really has made my skin as glowy as the name would suggest, and I think it helps keep my skin soft all day long. This one’s a keeper.

Step Five

After putting on a serum, I moisturize with Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
Revolutionary product!

I have actually loved this product for years: I originally got a sample of it at an Origins counter and have been buying it ever since. The packaging may have changed (re the blue paint splatter!) but the product is still as divine as ever!

Finally, I put on the tiniest amount of Holy Raw Shea Butter on top of my Origins.

Holy Raw Shea Butter, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
High-quality Shea butter!

It’s nothing revolutionary: black people use Shea butter in their hair, on their skin, and anywhere you can use it because it works. So yeah, I’m just one of the millions of black people who use Shea butter. I buy mine from a particularly nice seller in Toronto who really appreciates her return customers.

And that’s it for my skincare routine!

To some, my routine might seem complicated but to others, it might seem rather simple. Overall, I am loving this routine and I find that my skin is a lot smoother than it would normally be at this time of year.


I also like to take care of my lips (which get terribly dry and chapped in the winter too!) so here is how I do that…

Step One

I scrub my lips with Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
My favourite lip scrub!

Step Two

I moisturize (at least twice a day) with Smiths Rosebud Salve

Smith's Rosebud Salve, Preparing my skin for winter 2018/2019
The best lip balm I’ve ever used!

And that’s seriously it!

Do you have any products that you must have as a part of your routine? Let me know (in one way or another)!


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