My Fall/Autumn Style Essentials



I looked deep into the trenches of this blog and I discovered that, although I have done spring and winter style posts, I have not yet done an autumnal style essentials post!

A lot of what I love about autumn is that you get to express your style in a way that you can’t in the summertime: you get to layer blazers, sweaters, and denim jackets over dresses, silk blouses and skirts; you get to clomp around in stylish boots while draping your neck, wrists, ears, and fingers with beautiful jewellery, and you get to top it all off with the greatest accessory – lipstick! I think that fall/autumn it’s the most stylish time of the year, and I want to share what I love wearing now with you (as we are in into autumn here on the east coast in the Toronto area). If you read my winter post, then you might recognize some of what I have here: I will still love cashmere, denim, and sweater dresses in the winter too (but unfortunately, I will have to put a heavy coat over them all). But let’s not talk too much about winter yet, shall we? This is autumn, and here are my fall/autumn style essentials…

1. Cashmere & knit turtlenecks


You might know the drill: I love to wear cashmere or knit turtleneck and crewneck sweaters in the autumn because they stop the cold from getting to me and because they look so good with denim jeans, denim skirts, leather skirts, and even with blazers.

2. Cosy sweater dresses 

I might have said this before, but sweater dresses are inherently easy: they are an outfit in one shot, and all you need are tights, boots, a scarf, a nice bag, and a great lipstick to finish it off. It is the lazy girl’s guide to fashion (and truly, I have to admit that I sometimes want a mindless chic look too).

3. Wool blazers

I have acquired quite the collection of fun blazers (which almost entirely came from Etsy). I wear them with cashmere turtlenecks, band and graphic tees, denim skirts and pants, and leather everything of course. When I wear a statement blazer, whether it has a unique print or if it is a bold colour, I keep the rest of my look very neutral because I want the blazer to stand out.

4. Denim

Of course, I wear denim throughout the seasons, but when it cools down here I love to wear denim shirts, dresses, skirts, and jeans with leather skirts, boots, graphic and band tees. It’s a classic ‘rocker chic’ look, but, because I am not a rocker chic at all, I finish my denim looks off with a deep pink or red or purple lipstick and feminine looking boots so it’s not too brash.

5. Leather

I love leather boots, skirts, jackets, and bags throughout the Autumn/Fall season. They keep you warm without overheating you and they look incredible with knits, denim, and t-shirts.

Now, please excuse me as I continue to browse Instagram and see what the Instagram baddies are wearing (which is probably so different from my own style).

Want to see me rocking these looks this season? Check me out on Instagram @adaoraaaa

What are some of your style essentials this autumn? Do let me know (in one way or another)!

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