What’s New In My Wardrobe: A Few More Fall Pieces

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Autumn/fall is my favourite time of year, and it is also a time where you need more layers or more clothes than you do in the summer. It is such a jarring experience for the body to go from the super hot weather, or as it has been this “summer” from super rainy weather to the steep temperature drop of fall/autumn. But my body is ready for the temperature change (because I am through with the rain and hot and rain and hot dynamic) and I will be ready in style too. Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely – considering how much I love the place, I bought every one of the items featured here from Etsy. I guess that shows how much I love to hunt for the find of all finds on Etsy or in vintage and thrift shops. We all have our spots, don’t we? Etsy is mine. Anyways, here’s what I bought…

90s Vintage Danier Leather Blazer

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I am seriously OBSESSED with this blazer and I can’t wait to wear it when the temperature goes down! I bought it from an Etsy shop based in Toronto called shopBORDERLINE, and I’m going to have to go back to that shop in the future because they have some really cute things!

Vintage Mondi Burgundy and Yellow Plaid Blazer

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I bought this incredible blazer from an Etsy shop in Brooklyn called ShopNarro! For those who don’t want to shop on Etsy (though I can’t imagine why, as it’s a true treasure trove) they also have a website so check that out too. Isn’t she lovely?! The velvet lapel and the colourful wool is a heady combination!

Here it is in action (note: I managed to catch a cold day in August where the temperature dropped enough for me to rock it)…


Mustard Yellow T-shirt 


Here it is in action…


I got this lovely top from my usual Etsy place to shop, the lovely SecondVerseVintage. The colour is so flattering to my deep skin, and the fit (as I said) is killer! I am still waiting for the day where I can rock it with my black leather skirt!

Yellow/Multicoloured Plaid Bernard Holtzman Blazer

IMG_0132 (2)

OK, I am pretty obsessed with this blazer too (because of all the pretty colours and because as good as my camera is it doesn’t even come close to how cute this blazer is in real life)! I bought it from a lovely shop on Etsy called BoneandArrowKT, and I have just been waiting for the temperature to drop so that I can wear it!

And that’s it! I really love shopping vintage, as it allows you to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else has. If anyone asks me where they can get it, I can’t help them (and I secretly love that)! If you missed it, check out my Getting Ready for Autumn/Winter 2018/2019: Thrifting And Picking at My Wardrobe as there are some gems in there too! 

What’s your favourite piece from this post? Let me know (in one way or another)!




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