My Best Vintage & Thrifted Finds Of All Time


#1. Danier dark brown leather blazer (from windermerestudio on Etsy)

This buttery, smooth, and luxurious leather is such a dream! I love wearing this blazer with denim jeans, skirts of all fabrics, silk blouses, t-shirts, and leather boots (because I do like that leather-on-leather look). It can be dressed up and dressed down, and it really gives any look that I put together something special.

#2. Nameless vintage granny calf/ankle length boots (from bootdownvintage on Etsy)

I had been looking for boots like these for years but they were hard to find because it’s not the kind that they sell in regular stores (and because I have really long feet). Finally, back in February, I found them! I love these boots with leather skirts, denim skirts, my Danier leather blazer (which I mentioned above), and especially with my ‘Clueless’ blazer (which I mention next).

#3. Yellow Plaid “Clueless” Blazer (from bootsandbeards on Etsy)



Doesn’t this blazer scream Cher and Dionne in Clueless? [Note: image source linked in the picture]


I know that 90s blazers have been back in full-force for a while, but when I saw this, I almost screamed because it is everything that I want in a blazer: it’s colourful, loud, exciting, and it surprisingly, as you can see in the Instagram pictures above, it goes with just about everything.

 #4. Vintage green coin purse (a gift from a shop in the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada)


I actually got this bag for free, years ago, from a bag and accessories thrift shop in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (but sorry, I don’t think that the shop exists anymore). I love this bag so much that I sewed/reattached the strap on one side last year and it’s as good as new again. I will keep this gorgeous bag forever because it’s a classic bag that gets compliments every time I wear it.

#5. Navy blazer (from clotheslinesvintage on Etsy)


I definitely frequent clotheslinesvintage because the seller has what I like. When I saw this blazer and realized that it is was in my size, I did a happy dance and quickly ordered it. It filled my need for a long-line navy blazer that is chic, timeless, elegant, and versatile. It looks good with sweater dresses (as you can see above) and it looks incredible with jeans. It is one of the most versatile pieces that I own.

#6. Lee’s Jeans (from SecondVerseVintage on Etsy)




It’s not just the jeans it’s the shop: Kendra (the shop owner) measures her denim, and indeed everything in her store, so well that if you know your body then you know you’re going to get a good fit from her jeans. She curates the heck out of her shop and truly has something for women of various sizes. Check her out (just uh, don’t buy anything that I plan on buying for myself OK?)!

#7. Multicoloured blazer (from PinkhamRoadRetro)


This is definitely a love or hate kind of blazer – there is no middle ground! So obviously, when I bought it I was taking a gamble (because I didn’t know if the seller really photographed it exactly as it is or if it was going to be different). But seriously, guys, this blazer is everything that I hoped it would be: it’s bright, vibrant, bold, and all it needs is jeans, a plain silk blouse or t-shirt, neutral boots, a neutral bag and I’m good to go. I’m going places in this blazer…

#8. Floral skirt (from founditgreat on Etsy)


I bought this skirt from a seller in Riga, Latvia (which must be a very stylish place because a lot of amazing things that I find and buy on Etsy come from there. This skirt is so cute that when I wore it to do some work in the library one day (see the Instagram photo above) strangers were raving about it. One lady said, “that’s a way to welcome the spring!” As much as I agreed with her, I can tell you that I will be wearing this skirt with my leather blazer this autumn too.  But seriously, sidenote: one day I will have to check out Riga, Latvia for myself and see what I can find in their stores.

#9. Burnt orange blazer (from DarlingDecades on Etsy)



This is very clearly the perfect autumnal blazer. Everything about it (including the colour and the fabric – corduroy!) scream autumn. Of course, because I’m all about wearing whatever the heck I want, I wore this in spring and I will probably wear it next spring too. It was such an amazing Etsy find.

#10. Mustard blouse (from LaceForest on Etsy)

Though this double-breasted mustard blouse is technically a brand for people who are petite, it suits me just fine as a slightly cropped blouse (which I love to wear with denim pants and skirts, leather skirts and blazers, and my leopard print old navy trousers). You probably would believe how many compliments I get when I show this off…

That’s it! Those are my top ten vintage and thrifted finds of all time! Do you have any favourite finds? Let me know (in one way or another)!

– Adaora

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