Preparing For Autum & Winter 2018/2019: Thrifting and Picking at My Wardrobe

This post is going to be one big haul/show-and-tell where I share some pieces that I have found through vintage shopping (in stores or online), pieces that I have thrifted in store (most likely at Value Village), and pieces that I already own.

First, the thrift:

Just a few days short of mid-August, I decided to thrift for pieces that I feel would be perfect for autumn and winter. I lucked out big time at Value Village because they had a 50% off promotion for people on their mailing list:

As you can see I spent $72.76! I bought some really nice pieces (including skirts, turtlenecks, vests, a bag and two belts), and I am so excited to share my finds with you! Here they are…


An eggplant purple winter coat:


gorgeous studded bag:


A black ribbed turtleneck:


A cream turtleneck:


A brown leather vest:


A black leather vest:


A BRAND NEW (with tags!) corduroy skirt:


A pleather skirt:


A floaty skirt:


A chain belt:


A gold and leather-look belt:


It was a purposeful shop: all of these items, in my mind, will work beautifully together. I can see those turtlenecks with any of those skirts, the suede-effect vests will (of course) go over the turtlenecks, the belts will look amazing around the waist,  and the bag and coat will finish off any look.

As for old favourites, which will fit in well with what I just thrifted, I included sweater dresses, some skirts, wool and leather blazers and jackets, boots and shoes…

Sweater dresses:




Boots & Shoes:



I am really excited about what I have for this upcoming season! Thrifting is such a good idea, and I can only hope that you give it a shot too (as there are so many one-off pieces that you can be lucky enough to find!).

What are your autumn/fall and winter style essentials? What’s on your list? Did you thrift them or did they come directly from a new-in-store? Let me know (in one way or another)!

– Adaora

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