What I know So Far: Life Lessons

As Oprah would say, what I know for sure is this: Life IS short. It goes by so fast, and you go through things that leave you shocked, alarmed, overwhelmed, amazed, and overjoyed. So, I thought I would share a post where I explain what I personally know for sure about life and how to approach it. Trust and believe me when I say that I don’t have all the answers, but this is me sharing what you may or may not already know. I hope that it’s useful to you…

#1. Health and vitality is something to be grateful for.

If you would have told me, someone who had always been in good health, that I would have an awful health year (some years back – but I still shudder to think of it) I would never have believed you. I definitely was naive enough to think that I would never have any health problems and that everything about my health would always be perfect. Obviously, in a quite frightening and life-altering sort of way, I was wrong. But now, knowing what I have been through with my health, I know that you don’t take good health for granted. I am doing great now but in the back of my mind, I’m forever changed. So to those of you who are in perfect health (and always have been), I wish for it to continue for you, but if something rocks your world, I pray that you come out on the other side of it stronger than ever (like I did).

#2. At some point, life will certainly turn your world upside down.

Yea, about #1…when you go through something (whether it’s your health or circumstances in your life) it can rock your world. It can really mess with your sense of safety, your sense that things are going to be OK, and it can make you fear the ebb and flow of life. Yes, it does turn your world upside down, but maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing? If you’ve never been through something, then how can you know when to appreciate the good times? So, I say that when life turns your world upside down, make lemonade when your world stops quacking. When you shake a tree that bears fruit that’s too high for you to reach suddenly you can reach those things that you never thought you’d get to reach, and you can eat those things/own those things. You kind of become aware of how precious life really is, and you become aware of the fact that now is the time to do what you set out to do.

#3. Don’t let difficult happenings and circumstances define who you are.

Difficult happenings and circumstances, whatever they are, tend to be so far reaching into your soul that you can become one of those people who take ownership of those experiences and claim them as a part of who you are. However, these happenings and circumstances are not who you are, who you were, or who you’re going to be. They are simply things that happened to you, and they hopefully made you more aware of how much you need to appreciate your steadfast support system, yourself, and your wide-open future.

#4. Enjoy every joyful moment with all of your heart.

I don’t exactly believe in “living in the moment” because, in spite of how life has thrown me curve balls, I am a planner who likes to see a trajectory and a general direction for my life, but I do believe that you should genuinely feel every good moment you have and smile in your heart and your soul about it. Again, life is really short, and if you just sit back you are absolutely going to waste a lot of it, so it is important to embrace small and big joyful moments because they will come (before and after difficult times).

#5. Literally, do what makes you happy.

For me, it’s being around friends and family, writing, taking long walks, cooking and baking, playing the guitar (note: I have been taking lessons!), tending to my guitars, and just doing anything that excites me. Ultimately, that should be your goal – to be happy.

That’s all I have for you, for now. As I gain more wisdom and knowledge I might revisit this post in the future. What are your life lessons? Let me know (in one way or another)!


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