✍️Why I Started Blogging ✍️


You know, when I think of where I am today, in comparison to where I was when I started this blog, it’s night and day. When I started this blog I was completely unsure of myself – as a Creator and as a person – and I thought that doing this blogging thing for myself would be a lot of fun. But it’s become such an outlet for me, and such a great way of expressing myself and continuing to share the things that I love. So, in the spirit of sharing, allow me to tell you, perhaps very briefly (because it isn’t much of a story) why I started this blog…

1. I was bored.

I had just finished doing yet another soulless job (which was soulless because it had nothing to do with what I was interested in) and I thought I should do something that would spark the creative juices in me. I had always loved reading other blogs – which covered a variety of genres and areas of focus – and I thought that it might be a good idea to start one of my own.

2. I wanted to share the things that I am passionate about with an audience.

I write about beauty products that suit women with deeper skin – from colours to formulas and I talk about hair products that work well for natural hair. I give advice, and I share my thoughts and tips on fashion and food and everything that I genuinely love because that’s what this blog has always been about.

3. I wanted to do something with all the free time I was suddenly met with.

After graduating with a degree that no one thought I could make a living with (English), and after applying to numerous jobs with little success (and hardly any interviews), and again after working yet another dead-end job that I just didn’t want to put on my resume, I thought I would hire myself.

4. All about the title/URL.  

I don’t even remember much of why I called it “For a Duchess” except to say that I was aiming to feel comfortable in my own skin (as I am now) and calling it that was my way of loving myself (back when I had no idea what to say or the thoughts and tips that I would feel compelled to share). I might do a post in the future about self-love and how to raise yourself up ( in numerous ways) but for now, I will leave it at that.

So, that’s why I started this blog! Didn’t I tell you it would be brief? These days, if I’m interested and passionate enough, I will just do it! So, with all that said, I hope you will continue to let me know what you think of my blog and what you’d like to see (in one way or the other)!

– Adaora



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