When Things Don’t Go According To Plan…

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We’ve all been in that space where we have planned thoroughly for the future, from where we want to live, the way we want to work, and even who we want to be involved with. And then suddenly, ridiculously, and spectacularly, the dream falls apart in front of our very eyes. Although I am not about to tell you what has gone wrong in my own life, as that is a story for another day and another time,  you can trust me when I tell you that things have fallen apart in my life, and that’s what happens sometimes (and I do stress sometimes because it’s all temporary and things do get better). But I thought I would do a short post where I talked about what to do when your best-laid plans don’t work out the way you want them to. Do you give up (spoiler alert: no!) or do you keep going? Read on…

1. Breathe.

The first thing you ought to do when things don’t go according to plan is to take a deep breath in and feel the disappointment for what it is (something that is temporary).  And as you breathe, remind yourself that it wasn’t a mistake to try.

2. Review and reorganize. 

This is an important step to take because, with any disappointment in life, it could have come because we made some sort of mistake (which I think come with lessons, so I use the word “mistake” rather lightly). When you feel ready, pick through the damage – whether it was a relationship or a job or an experience, and write down what you could have done differently. Does anything line up? Do you see any patterns you have to break? It all comes together, like a puzzle piece, when we work through the mess.

3. Get back up and try again.

Of course, when we go through disappointment – depending on what it is, we might feel very humiliated or let down, and that can take away the excitement and pure joy we felt when we first started doing that thing that resulted in the disappointment. However, what makes us is not our successes or the failures, it’s the message we send ourselves. We are worthy of the very thing or experience that we’re after.  Getting back up again says that our goals and our interests matter, and it says that we are worthy of having whatever it is that we desire (within reason, of course!).

Did I miss anything?! Let me know ( in one way or another)!

– Adaora

2 thoughts on “When Things Don’t Go According To Plan…

  1. These are very tru and encouraging words. I just went through a big ol’ stressful couple of months and I thank God it has calmed down a bit. I know you can’t be feeling the best, but I am rooting for you! Just focus on getting through it & all of the positives 🙂

    1. Hi Kallista, Thank you for your kind words! I was hoping to encourage someone because I did go through hell some years back and I wanted to let people know it can get better and you can stand up again. I am definetly proof of that! Thanks for rooting for me, things are going pretty well now! 🙌

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