The Ten Commandments of Curvy Girl Style: The Update!

It has been a fair few years since I wrote one of my more popular posts, The Ten Commandments of Curvy Girl Style (a post that was written to encourage curvy women everywhere to celebrate their bodies and dress them with love), and I thought that it was high time for me to revisit that post and share old, new, and reaffirming thoughts on it.

I have to say that, after years of working on my insides, I have been comfortable in my own skin for a fair few years now. Part of loving yourself is accepting and loving your shape (which thankfully I do), and it is also working to be the best version of yourself that you can be. So, of course, I am currently working to get even more fit (by being more active and eating leaner and cleaner) but I can honestly say that I appreciate my body, its shape and its contours, and I love that my body is a vessel for me to express myself through style.

But before I do share my thoughts on my original Ten Commandments of Curvy Girl Style post, I thought I would share a small look at how I have been dressing (up and down – casually) this year (during late winter and into early spring and summer) because it will give you a visual understanding of my style sense. So, have a look at these pictures (which I pulled from my Instagram – follow me!)…





So, as you can see, I like colour, A-line or fitted knits, pencil skirts, fitted denim, and anything that works with my natural contours.

So let’s see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, shall we?

Commandment #1: “Thou shall wear skinny jeans as often as humanly possible. We would also encourage you to wear those curve-loving skinny jeans with silk blouses, well-tailored jackets (see commandment #2), and well-fitted t-shirts. This is a solidly good uniform for the curvy girl.”

So, I still completely agree with this! The only thing I would add today is that high-waist mom jeans are really great for the curvy girl – especially when it’s fitted in the waist, that looks really cute (see the picture above of me in my mom jeans). I also really like wearing silk shirts with skinny jeans or high-waist mom jeans and a blazer. It’s classic and put-together.

Commandment #2: Thou shall own jackets and blazers in every colour possible. A fitted jacket (that is tailored if you can get away with it), is an incredible asset for the curvy girl. Curve on, curvy girl!


I think it’s safe to say that I am still a blazer hoarder. I own a lot of them, in various colours, and I love them all. They work really well with a curvy girl’s contour, and they just give you that polished but sexy look (especially when worn casually with high-waist mom jeans or skinny jeans or a denim skirt that’s mid-length).

Commandment #3: Thou shall not ever cover up thou sacred, holy, and perfectly curvy body temple. Not ever. (Especially not in hideously large and shapeless contraptions – see commandment #5.)

OK, I’ll confess this: when it’s cold out, and I really don’t want to show any leg, then I’ll wear an over-sized sweater dress. I have to do it because it can get too cold here in the winter! But overall, I don’t believe that thicker/curvier women should hide that they’re curvy. It’s definitely something that is meant to be celebrated if you ask me.

Commandment #4: Thou shall not ever wish for a slimmer or less curvy figure. Thou art made in an ideal image (see our bountiful bodies immortalized in artists most famous works – they painted us.)

Obviously, in trying to eat cleaner and be more active, I am going to get leaner. I don’t think this is a bad thing (as I am going to stay curvy – not very small but just the right size for me) because health is wealth (though I am physically as healthy as one can be today, I am striving to be able to be more physically fit). Don’t ever wish for someone else’s body: you should desire to be the best version of you that is possible, rather than spending time wishing you were someone else.

Commandment #5: Thou shall not ever wear sack dresses or overalls. Just, don’t do it. They cover up thou glorious body in the most horrendous and offensive of ways.

Still not a fan of sack dresses or overalls. They do nothing for my figure.

Commandment #6: Thou shall not be afraid of colour. Regardless of the fallacy, they sell in magazines (about black being ‘slimming’ and darker colours being doing the same thing) we are not interested in covering what we’ve got going on. Bring on the bright tops and bottoms!

Yes, be not afraid of colour. Honestly, colour is glorious and it brightens up my deeper skin tone (and essentially all skin tones) in the most wonderful way. When something is cut well it’s not going to make you look bigger than you are.

Commandment #7: Thou shall always wear that which is fitted (whether they are blouses, dresses, skirts (an absolute winner for curves!), and trousers too.

Yep, for the most part, I still prefer fitted (not tight!) things. I think that they fit well on the body and they look more tailored and classic (which I love). However, I do like a looser shirt dress with a belt (to define the waist – otherwise you look like you’re wearing a sack).

Commandment #8: Thou shall know the meaning of balance: if you’re going to wear a loose top (sigh), then you had better be pairing that with a fitted bottom (or vice versa). Balance is the key.

Yes, this is still true in my eyes. If you are going to wear a loose top (such as say a loose t-shirt) then tuck it into fitted jeans or fitted trousers, and top it off with a nice blazer. Balance is absolutely key.

Commandment #9: Thou shall not be afraid to show a little leg. In fact, the more leg the better!

I love my legs! Truth be told, when summer hits, I can’t wait to get them out (without tights). I think everyone should be not afraid of showing off their walkers from time to time. However, I will say that I don’t like showing too much leg because I prefer to show just enough. Truly, how much leg you show is a personal judgement call.

Commandment #10: An absolute must: Thou shall spend, at least, 10 minutes in the mirror every day to admire thou sacred, holy, and perfect curvy body. And even more, time pampering and loving your body in every way that you choose. We believe that self-love is the most powerful love you can give and get.

This is still a must for me. I like to look at myself naked (before and after I’ve put on my moisturizing oils) and I like to admire what I’ve got. Of course, I may not spend a full ten minutes doing it, but I do practice this every day. And I do it naked because it’s the barest moment of my day and I want to remind myself that what I’ve got is worth more than my weight in gold. Self-love is the most powerful love you can give to yourself, and it should be injected into you daily.

And that’s it! What do you think of my curvy girl commandments? Let me know (in one way or the other)!

– Adaora

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