How To Be Pretty Fearless

I bet you might be wondering why on earth I am writing these kinds of posts. So, with no interest in creating hype or suspense, I’ll tell you why right now: I have been through a lot in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go.

There have been times when I have been so insecure in who I was that it was sad, and there are now, thankfully, only times (for several years now, and in spite of setbacks in my life) that I’ve felt the most love and the most appreciation for myself.

I know that coming to love myself wasn’t easy (especially when you consider how society does this strange thing where it shows you, in not so many words, what “beauty” supposedly is, and then it looks down on you when you come to a place that you think your stuff smells like roses). Respecting yourself and truly seeing the value of who you are, and having standards is not an easy thing.

But I want everyone to love themselves the way I love myself now. I want it for you because I know how powerful self-love and self-respect can be for your relationships, your career, and I know what an impact it can have on your overall health.

I hope you don’t mind that have I have more posts like this planned because I feel that it is an issue that must be addressed to the best of my ability. In this post, I want you to know that fear is fear of change, rejection, or failure. And equally, I want you to know that change, rejection, and failure happen in life, and they shouldn’t stop you from trying at all. Now, onto my ways to be pretty fearless…

1. Think about what scares you.

There are few things worse than that sensation of fear or nervousness clutching at your insides, trying to make its home within you. I don’t know what your greatest fear is, whether it involves a person, a thing, or an experience, but you owe it to yourself to think about whether this fear of yours is worth sitting on for the rest of your life. I mean, really, do you have a fear of heights, a fear of relationships, or is it a sweeping fear of a bunch of things? Whatever “it” is, I am gently telling you that life goes by really quickly, and it would be a shame to let fear cheat you out of it.

2. Know that fear of taking a risk is normal.

Trust me, I am not a feelings professional by any stretch of the imagination, but if there is one thing that I know for sure it is that fear of taking a risk is normal. Imagine you lived your whole life in one place, and suddenly, you were told that your parents are getting a divorce or your mom or dad got a new job in another state and now you have to move. The change of that, and it’s the kind of change that comes in layers and layers of fear, can be scary. Or imagine you liked someone for a long time, and you THINK they just might like you too, but they haven’t said a word so you don’t know if you should approach them even though you really want to ( a scenario that many of us can identify with)…it’s normal to feel a bit of fear of rejection.

3. Feel the fear and do whatever “it” is anyway.

You know in life people will always tell you, whether it was snagging the one or landing the job that they’ve always wanted, that the biggest and most changing moment of their lives happened when they let go of “what if’s” and they did the thing that they were scared out of their minds of doing. Yea, like I said, you’re going to fail sometimes and you’re going to be met with disappointments. Being pretty fearless doesn’t mean you’re not ever afraid or nervous or doubtful, and it doesn’t mean that you will always get the outcome that you were hoping for. Being pretty fearless means that in spite of the fear and the doubt, and in spite of the creeping need to hide or run, you face your fears head-on, and you find yourself with perhaps a very big story to tell.

Do you think I got it right? Did I miss something? Let me know (in one way or another)!


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