Getting My Skin Ready For Warmer Weather

To be quite honest with you, Winter kind of ravaged my skin. I have been trying some lotions and potions (from the skincare and food isles) to get it together again, and I have found that everything that I have tried has been just OK. But if I am meant to be wearing shoulder and decolletage and leg bearing clothing this summer, I want my skin to be at its best when I do (and trust me, recently, it really hasn’t).

So, to combat my dry and cracked and irritated skin, as I do a lot of the time (for fashion and accessories) I turned to Etsy. However, rather than go international, I set my sights on sellers that are mostly in the Toronto area and all in Canada (because I wanted my skin to be prepared as soon as possible, because I wanted to support local/Canadian sellers, and because I didn’t want to pay duty or have my skincare travelling internationally either).

So, let’s get straight to the skincare that I bought and why…


From HomegrownSoapCo I bought two exfoliating grapefruit and salt soaps (which are called “The Salty Grapefruit).”

Holy Raw

From Holy Raw, I bought one bar of Raw Black Soap, one tub of Raw Shea Butter, and one exfoliating Bath Sponge (which the seller recommended as great to use with the soap).


From SacredWildwood I bought the IDUNN Regenerating Facial Elixir.

The seller (named Dominique) also sent me a small vial of perfume oil as a bonus. It smells divine!


From TheMoonApothecary I bought ByeBye Blemish Oil


From ShorelineBodyCo, the only shop I bought from outside of Toronto – she is based in Ucluelet, British Columbia – I bought ShorelineBodyCo’s Cedar Salve.

How I use them…

My face is fine, as I have no skin issues or irritations there, so I just cleanse and tone my face and then I finish with extra virgin olive oil in the morning and a small amount of  SacredWildWood’s IDUNN Facial Elixir plus tiniest amount of Holy Raw’s Shea Butter in the evening (because a little goes a long way). In the morning and in the evening I use TheMoonApothecary’s Bye Bye Blemish Oil with ShorelineBodyCo’s Cedar Salve on my neck, decolletage, and chest. And of course, all over my body, I use Holy Raw’s Raw Black Soap, their Exfoliating Bath Sponge, and their Raw Shea Butter.

ShorelineBodyCo’s Cedar Salve and TheMoonApothecary’s Bye Bye Blemish Oil have a herbal (but not medicinal) smell to them, and funnily enough, they smell exactly the same. SacrdWildwood’s IDUNN Regenerating Facial Elixir has a sweet but not sickly sweet) scent to it…? Whatever it is, I love it! Holy Raw’s Shea Butter smells nutty (which is to be expected) and it’s very pleasant to me. I also love Holy Raw’s Back Soap because I notice that whenever I use the soap my skin is extremely smooth and supple afterwards. As for HomegrownSoapCo’s “The Salty Grapefruit” soap? I love it! It smells divine and it also does wonders for the skin.

Overall, I have noticed a huge difference, in regards to the rashes and dry patches healing and fading, and the overall suppleness of my body skin. So, all of these products come highly recommended by me.


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