🌧☔️My Spring Style Essentials 🌧☔️

Baby, it’s still cold outside on the first day of Spring! Truth be told, it’s not going to warm up here in Toronto until late April to early May. So, I have to dress warmly, and, because it’s me, I have to dress in style. You’ll notice in this post that some of the winter essentials have gained entry into my spring essentials post.

Honestly, when early spring arrives, if it’s warm enough, I put away my winter coats and I break out my leather and wool gear and I dress similarly to how I dress over the course of winter. I say bye bye to the frigid cold of wintertime and hello to the damp cold and rainy days of springtime.

Here are my spring style essentials:

1. Leather/Pleather jackets

I love a leather or pleather jacket! While it’s still damp outside, that extra layer of warmth can really make a difference.  Most of my leather/pleather jackets are short (including my black H&M pleather biker jacket and my other short pleather jackets – brown and light pink – from Dynamite) but my vintage leather trench is long. I wear and love them all.

2. Wool blazers



Continuing with the outer layer theme, I find wool blazers to be essential because they keep you warm without overheating you. On those semi-cold days, they keep the chilly rain out and they look good with skirts, trousers, jeans….they just look good.

3. A blanket scarf


Yes, my blanket scarf shows up again! In the spring, I wear them with leather jackets, wool blazers, trousers, and denim skirts and pants. It’s just essential for me because it keeps my neck warm on those not so cold but cold catching days (as the winter has its last hurrah in the early part of springtime). It is honestly a good investment for anybody.

4. A leather skirt

I absolutely love leather skirts in the springtime. I wear my leather skirt with graphic tees, wool blazers, button-down shirts, and with other blouses. Leather skirts are extremely versatile and they are worth adding to your spring wardrobe.

5. Graphic t-shirts

When springtime comes, instead of turtlenecks and sweaters, I break out graphic and band tees because I love the look of them. I wear my Nirvana one the most because I love the band and it’s my favourite tee. I also have my eyes on some R.E.M band tees too!

6. Denim


Yes, I mentioned this in my winter style essentials post, and I’m mentioning it again because I like denim 365 Days out of the year! In the spring I love denim skirts, denim jeans, denim jackets, and denim dresses. In the springtime, they rock with t-shirts and blouses and blazers and that denim on denim look (because when I switch up the colour of the denim, I love the Canadian tuxedo).

7. Chelsea boots

Also carrying on from winter, while it’s wet and damp outside, I’m still wearing boots. Out of all the boots I own, my Chelsea boots are the most versatile for this season, and they look the sharpest.

8. Tights & stockings

While it’s still damp outside I have to have tights and stockings to keep my legs warm. I wear them all the time – black and grey only – and they go with pretty much everything in my closet. They are fantastic.

9. Transitional dresses

Transitional dresses, for me, are dresses that I was able to wear in the frigid cold that I can now wear in springtime with different layers on top or underneath. Both dresses look fantastic with leather, wool, and with tights. Both dresses keep me warm without overheating me, and both dresses look really cute on.

10. A floral bag


My Christian Siriano for Payless bag is my Spring bag of choice. To be honest, I wear this bag during every season (because I like to use my bags all year) but during Spring it comes out to play even more. Because it’s still cold out, and because we’re all needing to carry more things the colder it is outside, I like that this bag is big and spacious.

So, that’s it! What are your springtime fashion/style essentials? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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