Some Of My Favourite Health Foods

After sharing an older post, where I talked about how I am trying to be fitter and mentioned a health food series that I planned on sharing here, I am happy to say that the moment of sharing has almost arrived. I love sharing here, and if there is one thing that I love sharing the most it’s food. However, sharing food posts in 2017 wasn’t a thing that I did because they take a lot of work. Recipe development is a love project that takes trial and error, and I just wanted to bring my lifestyle to where I wanted it to be before I shared any of my lifestyle foods with you.

So, here I am briefly sharing some of my favourite health foods and how I eat them. Of course, this is a small sampling of what I eat, and of course, some of these ingredients will be featured in full-on recipe posts over the course of this year (among other ingredients) but one has to start somewhere right?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy these foods, so I hope that you consider this as just a small tasting of how I eat them.

1. Rice

How I eat it: Coconut Rice with plantains and a bit of meat 🍚

2. Beans

How I eat it: Beans Baked in Tomato 🍅 Sauce (with ground chicken)



How I eat it: Oatmeal (with pumpkin pie spice, berries, banana and maple syrup)


How I eat it: Quinoa and Tomato Stew

So, starting next month, look forward to recipes in this space to be shared throughout the year (among other things that are not related to food).


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