A New Year Update On What I’m Putting In My Hair

You might remember that last year I did a post where I talked about what I was putting in my hair now. In that post, I share products that I was using (some of which were discontinued), and I also talked about branching out to try new things (because frankly, I had no choice).

Well, I found products (which I had previously heard about but had no idea were available in Canada) that fit the bill and arrived in the mail quickly. As always, I wish that these products were available in mainstream stores so I wouldn’t have to ship them to where I live, but I’m grateful that I found them:

So, the shampoo and conditioner: they smell amazing and they get the job done. I do find that my hair is moisturized after using the silky shampoo and the conditioner one after the other, and I find that I don’t need too much shampoo to clean my hair or too much conditioner to add that extra boost of conditioner to my hair before rinsing it out.

The Curl Keeper Leave-in is very moisturizing, has great slip, helps me detangle my freshly washed hair, and it smells amazing. It’s just a good solid product that works very well, and I guess it should because it’s made for curly hair.

I bought this (and the next product mentioned) at the same time because I wanted to compare the two and see if I need them both. Well, the thing is 1. I’m kind of a hair product junkie – as I write this, I have another product that does the same thing (with a gel-like consistency) 2. I really like this one better than the gel one because it holds my hair together better. I really do have “textured” hair – with two curl patterns in it (3b and 3c) – and it works all over my head.

OK, I love this product. It smells ridiculously amazing (with the best scent of the bunch) and it works amazingly well. Basically, I am a believer in this product and I will absolutely be buying it again and again and again.

Actually, they have a salon, that’s a reasonable distance from where I live, so I’m thinking of checking them out soon:

So, that’s it. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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