How To Shave Better: Tips & Tricks


It’s that strange time of year where it’s still too cold to get your legs out but it also might be time – if you have a man or a woman in your life that you want to show off for – to get your legs out. And, if you’re a guy who likes to keep his hair close to his face, then you might want to listen up too.

Maybe you don’t want to cash out with a salon, where they charge you more than it costs to get a bottle of shaving cream, or maybe you just prefer to take care of that extra hair yourself. Either way, you’re probably shaving wrong at home. Here are some shaving tips just in time for Valentine’s Day:

Mistake #1: Using a cheap razor

We all want a bargain (and believe me, I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt on getting a good deal). But when it comes to your skin, you ought to spend as much as you can afford. Pick a razor that is well made, has a good handle, and a sharp blade. Similar to cooking, the sharper the blade the fewer times you have to pass it over your skin and the less likely you are to nick yourself.

Mistake #2: Not using the right amount of shaving cream

Whether you use too much or too little, it’s going to cost you a good shave. If you use too little your hair won’t soften up enough to shave it off and if you use too much it becomes a mess and you risk breaking the skin. How much should you use? Just an almond-sized amount of shaving cream for each portion of skin that you’re shaving.

Mistake #3: Not shaving/moving the blade in the right direction and not knowing the direction in which your hair grows

In order to know what direction your hair grows, try growing out your hair long enough that you can feel the direction of your hair growth. When shaving, the first pass of the blade should go with the grain of your skin when the hair is at its longest. The second pass should be against the grain so that dead skin cells don’t get in the way.

Mistake #4: Using bar soap and body wash to shave

Using products that you use to clean your skin is a mistake because, while bar soap and body wash remove oils and dirt from the skin, they don’t provide the moisture and slip necessary to have a good shave. Use actual shaving cream.

Mistake #5: Leaving your razor on the shower ledge or bathroom sink

Leaving your razor out dulls the blade and exposes it to bacteria and the bathroom elements. In order to have a good shave, and to extend the life of your razor, store it in an area where there is limited water exposure.

Mistake #6: Using your razor for far too long

Using your razor longer than necessary will cause more cuts and nicks (which you don’t want). Most people should switch their blade every 6-8 uses. It seems like it might be expensive to do, but it’s worth it if you want a good sharp blade that’s going to perform well for you.

I hope you enjoyed these shaving tips. Stay smooth (but only if you want too)!


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