📓✍️Journaling For 2018: Goal Setting & Resolutions 📓✍️

So, it’s a new year and you’re probably hoping that this is going to be the year that everything you’ve been hoping for finally comes into your life. Guess what? Me too. There are specific and measurable things that I want to have and do in 2018, and I decided to put them in a notebook, where I can see them, and put my all into making my wishes for 2018 a reality.

I am not going to share all of my goals for 2018 with you here (because I want to keep some things to myself) but, in sharing the layout, and some of my favourite inspirational quotes, I hope to inspire you to focus on your own goals for the new year (because I believe that when you really think on them and put them down on paper, it goes a long way towards making those dreams a reality).

I got my journal (also known as my little book of big dreams) from a shop on Etsy called Mintberry Creations , my cloth journal cover is an A6 Fauxdori Travel journal cover from DreamandAnchor, and my stickers are all from PlanningwithKayShop (note: the seller is the inspiration for 85% of this layout – I literally bought her stickers after seeing her layout her goals for 2018 using her own sticker set called the “New Year Kit” on YouTube).

Here’s a closer look at how my journal is laid out (again, many thanks to PlanningwithKay for the inspiration and the stickers, thanks to Susan at Mintberry Creations for the journal, and thanks to Dana at DreamandAnchor for the Fauxdori cover):

Year-at-a-glance page:

I had to snip-snip my BTSJoyonPaper’s year-at-a-glance sticker in order to make it fit into my notebook. In the end, it turned out alright and I have no complaints.

Future log/Monthly Milestones pages:

My “future log” is a little bit different than a normal future log that you might find in a bullet journal. Rather than have it mark dates that are upcoming in my life, I’m planning to use this future log to track the best moments which connect to goals I’m working towards. The notebook is small, so I gave every month a page (but I’ve only pictured January – March, the 1st quarter of the year, which are all blank). The moments might be big (if I have my way) and they might be small, but overall, they will be tracked and celebrated on and off of the paper.

Words to live by page:

1 Corinthians 13 is my favourite verse of all time. So I wrote it out in my journal because I believe that when you approach anything with love it all works out in the end.

Brain dump page:

This “brain dump” page is one of the many pages in my goal journal that are inspired by PlanningWithKay. Rather than write down general ideas (which you plan to flesh out later) this brain dump is all about goal setting. I write down all the things that come to mind when I think of what I want to accomplish, see, and do in 2018. It’s a brilliant idea and I take my beret off to her for it (and to the other ideas she came up with that inspired her “New Year Kit” sticker set).

New Years Resolution Pages:

We all have resolutions that we vow to keep in the new year. And those of us who have had the same ones for a fair few years, don’t seem to write them down in such a way that it holds you accountable, right there on paper, for accomplishing your dreams. This year will be different because I’m making it different. Small and big dreams are really doable this year, as they were any other year, it’s just up to me to make them happen.

My 2018 Goals Spreads (Long-term & Short Term):

This spread, for me, was a revelation. It was her mastermind idea to put the long-term and short-term stickers under the 2018 goals sticker, split the page, and then use the high-priority and low-priority stickers for both the long-term and short-term stickers. It’s so simple but so genius! This exercise really helped me to focus on which goals are a priority for me, and which ones can be put on the sidelines for a little bit. To achieve anything you have to focus on that which you want to achieve. This exercise really helped me do that.

19 Before 2019:

PlanningWithKay described this exercise as something fun. It’s just about writing down fun things you want to do before the year is up, and I loved every minute of it. Something on my list of things to do before 2019 rolls around is to go to a comedy show (something I have never done but would absolutely love to do). It’s so much fun dreaming up all the things you want to do in the year.

New Years Wishlist:

PlanningWithKay said this page is about writing down actual things that you want and need to make your goal setting a success. For example, if you want to be more physically active you might want to buy gym clothes or if you want to become a famous painter you might want to get some painting supplies. Some things you absolutely need to accomplish your goals and some things are items that would be nice to have. This list was fun for me too!

2018 Year-at-a-glance Achievement Tracking:

So, in the future log, which I am using to track the best moments of the month which connect to my goals, this spread tracks – and details – the goals which I have finalized and reached. I wanted to separate the two because this spread is for major and small achievements, whereas the other spread is for major and small milestones that work towards achievements. So, that’s the difference between these spreads. Again, I’m only showing you January through to March (the 1st quarter).

Favourite Quotes/Motivational Quotes:

I thought I would end my sharing with my favourite motivational quotes and verses. I think it’s important to stay in touch with words that you’re passionate about (because they move you), and that’s what I’m trying to do here. I saw the post-it note stickers on PlanningWithKay’sEtsy shop and I just had to have them because they really fit for my journal.

One thing I will say about doing an exercise like this is the following: you’ll find that your goals overlap between each spread and I think that’s OK. A year goes by so fast, and to make it a successful and satisfying one you have to hone in on the things that would and will make your year. It can be time-consuming, and it can be mind-bending, but it is worth it at the end.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. I bought everything featured on this page with my own money and I just wanted to share where exactly I purchased these items (in case you want to buy them for yourself).

So, with that said, I want to wish you the happiest new year. May all your dreams and goals come to fruition.


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