Taking Care of Your Health: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Check-in With Your Doctor & Checkpoints

Happy New Year! 🎈

You may or may not know this about me, but I am very serious about my health and well-being. I haven’t always been so serious about my health (especially not in high school – a time when I ate whatever I wanted to and saw doctors visits as the annual bane of my existence) but I am now.

I just had my annual physical in December, and I think it’s important to do it because prevention is key. As much as I dislike going to the doctor, I know it’s a part of maintaining health, and it’s something that I think everyone should do.

I decided that I would share the importance of annual health check-ups/exams, as well as the importance of checking in when you get the feeling that something isn’t right, with the people who read this blog. I have included this infographic from Hims that features health checkpoints for the year. They are a wellness company that focuses on skin care and hair loss:

I’m the youngest age range of this group (20-39) and I think, as a group, we young ones tend to feel like we’re invincible, and like nothing bad can happen to us. I am not sure if older people feel this way, but I did. Moreover, we tend to focus on finishing school, advancing our careers, and moving through the many phases of change in our lives, and we forget that our health is not something that we can afford to put on the backburner.  There are all kinds of issues that can crop up (from pre-existing conditions that suddenly activate, to hereditary health issues, to issues that are spurred on by a possibly cavalier way of living life) and that’s why I wanted to talk about this at the start of a new year. Make this the year that you take your health more seriously (from eating better and being more active to just stepping into a doctors office to ask questions and get your annual exams).

The graphic ends by saying “having an issue isn’t weird. Not dealing with it is weird,” and I have to agree. I know we’re all nervous about getting terrifying news from the doctor, but frankly, how terrifying would it be if you see escalated symptoms that came after smaller symptoms that made you wonder in the first place? That would be very scary. And, I would argue, it would be scarier and more terrifying to be told that you caught it too late, rather than being told something is there but it was caught on time. I invite you to see your doctor if anything unusual happens with your body because, again, prevention and early diagnosis saves lives.

Again, Happy New Year! May you take care of your health, live fully, and witness the manifestation of your dreams.


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