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So, as I’m writing this, winter is fast approaching. However, when this post goes live it will be the first day of winter (and exactly the time that winter begins – 11:28 am  EST time!). Either way, I assure you that I can feel the bone-chilling cold creeping in, and I am trying to remind myself that it’s the most stylish and the most wonderful time of the year (because it’s Christmas time). Consequently, I’m facing winter head on, and I am doing everything that I can to stay warm and stylish.

As you may know, I do most of my shopping these days vintage and online. Often, it’s cheap, affordable, it’s pretty sustainable, and it allows me to express my personality with pieces that are very one of a kind. Although I love shopping at regular stores, I also like finding the find that no one else will ever have. However, in-store purchasing can have its benefits too (as online vintage can be a shot in the dark, no matter how well you know your body there is nothing like trying it on before you buy to ensure a proper fit). Either way, what I love about style is how personal it is: you can wear whatever you want, but if you feel good you look good.

Here are my winter essentials:

1. Blazer(s) (boyfriend or classic fit)

I love blazers for most seasons of the year (over turtlenecks and denim, over easy/casual trousers and graphic t-shirts, and over leather or corduroy skirts), and I love them in every colour. They class up any look, and they often add a much needed extra pop of colour or extra something to my outfits. The ones pictured are my vintage navy blazer, my cherry red blazer, my red/black/yellow/blue plaid blazer, and my hunter green blazer. I also have my eyes on a chocolate brown and a yellow plaid blazer on Etsy. Blazers look fantastic on me.  [See my instagram]

2. Denim

Whether light or dark (or black), skirts or pants/trousers I love it all! I love denim because it’s so versatile. What so many people say is true: you can totally dress it up with with a button down or a silk blouse and heels, or you can dress it down with a casual shirt, casual boots, and a casual jacket.

3. Chelsea boots

I love Chelsea boots! I can wear them with jeans, dresses, I can dress them up and down, and basically, it’s an effortless look for me (not that I am at all effortless when it comes to style because if I was I wouldn’t be making this post!).

4. Stylish bags


I feel like I carry bigger bags in the winter because it’s so cold out that I need to carry gloves, a scarf, a hat, cough drops…I need everything to fit in my bag. Ten-minute walks feel longer, especially when slogging through the snow, and the wind slaps me in the face so much that I have to put my gloved hands up to my face (to cover my cheeks or adjust my scarf) so I always have a big bag that I can wear crossbody.

5. One white button-down shirt

My white button down is actually part of a four-piece interchangeable suit (that comes with the option of pairing it with a blazer, and with a skirt or trousers – which are honestly the only “sensible” or “classic” pair of trousers that I own). If you check out my Instagram, you’ll see that I like to layer my button down with my spring and summer dresses so that I can squeeze my money out of them. I am loving my button down under my black and blue A-line dresses, and I’m also loving it tucked into denim jeans and finished off with my Chelsea boots (a very classic look that literally no one in this day and age invented).

6. Colourful roll-neck/turtleneck/polo neck or crew neck sweaters


Turtleneck/polo neck/turtlenecks and crew neck sweaters are absolute musts for me. They keep my neck and torso warm, they’re stylish, and, when I buy them in the right colours, they pop against my skin tone. If the shoe fits, you buy it in every colour, right? That’s why, even though I own a lot of them, I still have both of my eyes on a few more (in yellow and black). I tend to buy vintage cashmere and knit sweaters because the price is often very right and the colour selection is more exciting when you buy them vintage, but tons of stores are selling them as the temperature continues to drop. But, if you ask me, I say go vintage when it comes to the good quality sweaters.

7. Fun trousers:

I love to wear my fun trousers (aka my new leopard print Stevie’s from Old Navy) with blazers, a button down white shirt, a cashmere turtleneck, and even with a graphic t-shirt. I find it so versatile and so lovely that, though they were pretty inexpensive, the cost-per-wear has been wonderful (meaning I can wear them with almost anything in my closet). They’re my printed neutral.

8. A nice dress or a jumpsuit:

I know that not everyone likes to wear a dress (especially not in winter) and I’m sometimes like that too. I walk the line between wanting to wear a dress or a jumpsuit for an evening out, and that’s why I like both. I have four jumpsuits (one white, one khaki/olive, one coral pink, and one black) and several occasion dresses. You might not need that many, but it’s great to have colour variations. With all my jumpsuits and occasion dresses, I wear them with a with blue-green knit balloon sleeved shrug sweater (to keep the warmth in) tights and ankle boots.

9. Sweater dress(s):

Sweater dresses are easy for me to wear because it’s almost an entire outfit in one shot. All I need is a dress, tights, tall boots, a beret, and I’m done. I have and love sweater dresses from Aritzia, Old Navy, Free People, and vintage pieces from Etsy. Honestly, if you don’t find me in jeans and a turtleneck in the winter time, you will find me in a sweater dress and tall boots. It’s a warm and easy style.

10. A good quality blanket scarf 🧣 :

Whether I’m travelling (on a plane, to an appointment, or whether I just want to keep my neck warm in and out of the house) a blanket scarf is very necessary. My blanket scarf matches each and every single one of my dresses, it looks good with my denim, my turtlenecks, it’s amazing with my fun trousers, and it keeps the cold out.

Bonus: I like putting together looks, combining what I already own with what I want, to see how they’ll work in my wardrobe. Since it is the season for sharing, here are some of my favourite winter looks down below:


And that’s it! I hope that you found that helpful and enjoyable to read. I enjoyed making this post for you. Since we’re so close to Christmas, and the start of a new year, I am going to say thank you for reading this post (and all the posts that I shared in 2017). It has definitely been an interesting year for me, and here’s hoping that the best is yet to come for all of us. Wishing you all the best Christmas and the happiest 2018.




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