Here’s What I’m Putting In My Natural Hair Now

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After over seven years of trying hair products (some of which were for natural hair and some of which were not), loving some of them, and seeing the ones that I love (mainly by Garnier) become discontinued, I am still left looking for reasonably priced, high-performance, moisturizing, and all around good products that won’t be here today and gone tomorrow. The problem for me, with buying hair products as a woman with Afro curly hair, is two-fold: when it’s good, it’s probably not so good for non-Afro hair, and it doesn’t last on the market, and also, if it is good, it might be more than I am willing to spend on my hair.

I went into this natural hair journey super pumped: I was committed to learning and embracing my natural texture, and I was excited to even to have a hair care routine (because typically, my routine was to roll out of bed, fluff my braids or comb through my chemically straightened hair before heading out). Now? I have to admit that sometimes my hair exhausts me. I have to admit that my hair is high-maintenance: it takes a hell of a lot to make it look good (both financially and with sheer effort), and for some time now, to combat that, my go-to styles have been wearing it half up or French braiding it.

But I am resolved to keep going. I embrace my natural texture (with all its difficulties), and I will continue to wear my hair as it grows out of my head.

So, because sharing is caring, here is what I am putting in my natural hair now…

Shampoo/cleanser & conditioners:

Camille Rose Natural’s Sweet Ginger Cleanser and Moroccan Pear Conditioner.

Hair Mask:

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Heal & Seal Treatment

Note: I think this might be discontinued. I have some tubes left, so when they finish I will have to look for another one ( but I will probably just go back to Garnier’s Whole Blends Honey Hair Mask or something).

Leave-In Conditioner:

Proclaim Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner & Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Leave-In Conditioner


Alikay Natural’s Essential Hair Growth Oil & Aunt Jackie’s Girls E-Blast Nourishing Scalp Remedy

Moisturizing cream:

Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Leave-In

Styling products:

APHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In & Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker

What are you putting in your hair? How is it working for you?

– Adaora

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