🎃Halloween Fitness: Common Sense Reminders & An App To Help You Keep Off All That Halloween 🎃 Candy 🍭 🍬🍫



Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash 

Remember when you were a kid and you walked several blocks collecting loot from your neighbours/fellow ‘hood mates? It was an event: You dressed up, maybe you put on Halloween makeup, and if it was warm enough you didn’t even have to put on your coat. You walked and walked until you were breathless with happiness, and until your legs were sore, and even then your parents had to sort through all the candy before you got to taste any of it.

These days, if you’re an adult, you don’t even have to dress up to get your candy.  Now, you’re maybe a little older (and perhaps too old to knock on doors and collect candy for free). Maybe your kid(s) are about to collect a massive stack of candy (and you’ll just have to help yourself to some of it), or maybe you collected all the candy that your local drugstore has to offer. Maybe, if you’re reading this later, you bought all that candy to give out to kids but none of them showed up (which is unsurprising seeing as it seems to get colder and colder each Halloween). However you came to have some candy in your house, it doesn’t matter. Now,  you have it. And rather than the age-old eat, drink sit, and be merry, I think that you should take a few steps back to ensure that your body doesn’t feel the effects (inside or out) of all the candy you are now in possession of.

As someone who has eaten more than a few sweets in their lifetime, and as someone who is now choosing to eat sweets in moderation, I’ll talk the talk and I’ll walk the walk with you. I have three scarily simple and easy (in theory) steps that will keep you on track and kick your ass as you’re kicking your taste buds.

Read on…

Step one: Pick your treat(s)

Life is too short to completely abstain if you don’t have to, right? Right. So, whether you like Reece’s Pieces or Butter Finger or Sour Patch Kids, pick your flavour(s) and continue…

Step two: Eat in moderation 

This is where willpower and foresight come into play. Halloween was (and still is) glorious! Again, when you were a kid, rather than let you eat it all the candy that you collected in one sitting, your parents checked it, confirmed that it was good, and gave it to you slowly over time. Maybe you got a piece here and there in your lunch bag or maybe you nibbled on some of it as an after-school snack. The point here is this: You can’t eat all that candy in one sitting (or in two or three sittings either). You’ve got to follow the serving /portion suggestions. That’s not so bad, is it? Think of how long your candy lasted when you were a kid (into the new year!) and think of your health.

Step three: Work it off 

Aaptiv, a personal trainer application, is offering a 30-day trial of their fitness application to anyone who wants to get fit on their own time. They have created a special 30 day trial code (included at the bottom of the graphic below).  So, check it out and see if its something that you might be into. There are workouts (and calorie intake) for a lot of the major candies that you would want to eat.

I will certainly be eating a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup (or two or three) and working my butt off.


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