Things you can get for free on and around your birthday (in Toronto) πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆΒ 

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You guys, it’s October! It’s also known as the best time of the year to have been born by a lot of people (including me) who were blessed enough to have been born when the burning bushes are as red as my favourite lipstick (NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red), and when it’s warm enough to step out in a floaty dress (but not so cold that you need more than a sweater or a light leather jacket to put over it). It’s Autumn after all!

Whenever my birthday rolls around, aside from being grateful to be alive at the (real) start of another new year, I am thinking about what I can get for free in respect of this nationally unrecognized holiday. ✊ I love free things at any time of year so why not collect my loot in this blessed month of October (and why not share where I will be collecting my loot with you)?

So, in honour of my special day, here are the places I think you should hit up for free things, free food and drinks, and free experiences on and around your birthday:

1. Sephora

Image from Sephora

Even though my day is on October the 21st, for the entire month of October I can stroll into any Sephora and pick up my free birthday gift. For 2017 Sephora is giving away my choice of a sample from Caudalie, Tarte, or Jack Black (online only). They let you know your month has arrived on the first of the month, and that’s why I’m letting you know now too.

2. Booster Juice

Do you love smoothies? I do! I love Booster Juice so much that I go monthly. I usually drink their mango hurricane, but I’ve been thinking about branching out. Anyways, the point is that you get a free smoothie on your birthday. I think you have to show some I.D. (so don’t forget to bring yours). Maybe on my birthday, when I get a free smoothie, I’ll pick up a new flavour.

3. The Body Shop

I love The Body Shop! I recently found out that, similarly to Sephora, you can walk in into any Body Shop location and retrieve a gift on any day within your birthday month. All you have to do is sign up for their Love Your Body Club, and when you walk into a body shop location you will receive a gift worth up to $10.

4. Starbucks

Another drink and food spot, I know. But guess what? They have tasty drinks, tasty food, tasty treats, and they give you drinks for free on your birthday. I’m going to try and grab a vanilla bean frap on the 21st. You also get 15% off of their online store on your birthday (where they sell coffee beans and other brand items) when you join their loyalty rewards program online. So go do that too.

5. Elmwood Spa

Maybe the birthday money you just got from family or friends is hot in your wallet, or maybe you have some fun money that’s ready and available for use. I say you take a spa day if you can. When you spend approximately $120 on Elmwood Spa’s services or products, you get a free gourmet lunch out of it. Just take a long look at their services and then book an appointment.

6. The Mandarin

Ever heard of it? It’s an all you can eat eatery where you can get Westernized Chinese food, various seafood, desserts, and anything you can think of. You pay some money and eat all that you can (in order to get some money back). Well, sign up for their newsletter, and on your birthday, when you bring 3 other paying customers, you can eat for free.

7. Jack Astor’s

I know that you’ve heard about Jack Astor’s, surely?! It’s an amazing chain that offers all kinds of tasty food (from nachos and salad to steak and pasta). They have locations all over Ontario ( and in other provinces) and guess what? On your birthday you get a free brownie. How awesome is that?

8. Montana’s Cookhouse

Guys, you may not know this about me (hint: sarcasm), but I love good food. I love food that makes you snack on your lips from the aftertaste, and food that sits comfortably in your belly. As much as I love experimenting with food, the fact remains that I’m a simple woman who loves pizza, burgers and fries, steak, cheese, and dessert. Let me cut to the chase: If you go to Montana’s on your birthday, they’ll put a moose on your head and give you a free sundae! Believe me, on my birthday, I intend to collect!

9. The Medieval Times

I feel like The Medieval Times is a classic place (which a lot of people went to as a kid), and it is worth visiting on your birthday. For the entire month of your birthday, you can dine and take in the tournament for free when you bring at least one other person (because one adult pays and one gets admission for free). All you have to do is sign up for their birthday fellowship and you will get what is essentially a by one get one (BOGO) free coupon.

Unfortunately, some free wine or cheese couldn’t be found. πŸ˜‚


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