Summer Shoe Collection

I have had to kind of dress up this summer, so the shoes that have gotten the most wears are the ones that are appropriate for the dresses (and the two pairs of work pants I own) that I like to wear them with.

You guys, because I am trying to be mindful about money, there are literally only two new shoes in my collection ( which I bought some months ago). And because I have long and narrow feet (because of a foot injury that happened when I was a kid) I tend to wear flat shoes that are pointed or round. I like shoes that are comfortable and stylish (in that order), and I don’t ever see myself owning a hundred pairs of shoes (unless, you know, Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin send me a bunch of free material). I am much more of a dress collector.

That picture right there, is my entire dress and pant friendly shoe collection. It may seem like a lot to some (or like not enough to others) but it’s what I’ve got.

Here’s a closer look at all my shoes (which are basically the entirety of my summer shoe collection, aside from a few pairs of sandals that that I wear on the weekends):

So…what do you think? What are your favourite summer shoes (describe them for me!)?


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