Six Places I Want To See Within Six Years


I haven’t been able to travel nearly as much as I’d like to (whether it’s here in Canada or internationally) and it bugs me. There is so much of world for me to see, and sometimes it feels like there is not enough time to see it. But I am resolved to lay down goals and make plans. This space has always been where I share some of myself with you, so why not share where I want to travel to within the next six years? I feel like six years gives me more than enough time to make my travel dreams a reality, don’t you?

Here are six places I want to see, within six years, and why:

1. Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

I found out about this place because my favourite artist of all time (Picasso) is from Malaga. Of course, I’ve researched everything I can about the place and I discovered that there is a museum called Museo Picasso Málaga that is dedicated to Picasso. Words cannot tell you how much I’m dying to visit this place. I’ve had dreams about being there (which hopefully means that it’s going to happen soon), and I’ve just generally sat and drooled at images of Costa del Sol, which is in the area, too. It is about time that I show up in Málaga.

Want to see:

Museo Picasso Málaga



Photo credit: 1, 2

Costa del Sol



Photo credit 1, 2

2. Mauritius

I read about it in Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes. I saw it in the Me Before You movie – or at least, the backdrop or appearance of what Mauritius looks like (depending on where they actually filmed it). In any case, I really really want to go. This looks like the kind of place where you lounge in your swimsuit, read a good book and drink a glass of wine. And hopefully, you have good company too!

Want to see:

Literally everything. Just look…



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3. Cape Town, South Africa

I want to see all of South Africa (including Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria), but this city is number one on my list purely because of the look of it. Hiking trails, wineries, beaches…what a place to live for the residents!

Want to see:

Table Mountain National Park



Photo credit: 1, 2

Boulders Beach



Photo credit: 1, 2

4. Nairobi Kenya

The only country, within the huge continent of Africa, that I’ve been to is Nigeria. The only animals I saw were goats and cows (for eating and for milk), and the only sights I saw were Lagos (which was just like a city with big buildings and a cool fast food chain called Mr Big that I loved), Obosi, and Ogidi. I didn’t even go for a vacation (I’m Nigerian and there were reasons why I had to go). Kenya is a hugely foreign land to me, and I would love to explore it.

Want to see:

Nairobi National Park



Photo credit: 1, 2

Ngong Hills



Photo credit:1, 2

Nairobi Arboretum



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5. Melbourne, Australia

I’ve always been interested in Australia. Although Melbourne isn’t the only place in Australia that I want to see (Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and much more are also on my list), I picked Melbourne because it seems like it has a good vibe and it would be kind to me.

Want to see:

Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne


© M. Fagg Australian National Botanic Gardens

© M. Fagg Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photo credit: 1, 2, 3

Yarra Valley



Photo credit: 1, 2

6. Calvert Island, British Columbia

I live in Canada and I haven’t seen most of it! How embarrassing is that? My first stop in British Columbia, above all else, will hopefully be Calvert Island! I mean, have you seen pictures of this place? It looks amazing! I want to see it immediately!

Want to see:

Literally everything…lagoons, the beach…




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– Adaora

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