Ready or Not


Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Change sweeps in and knocks you off your feet (whether you feel ready for it or not). Change says “now is the time,” while messing with how you see things and other people. Change says “my time is the best time” and doesn’t think about your plans or your goals or your interests. There are no refunds to change, and there are no chances to reverse what change brings about. You can’t go back to how things were.

What about looking for a change and asking for it? When you’ve seen the same things – for so long – you might want a radical transformation in your life. Of course, when you start asking for change, you hope the change is going to be the kind that adds years to your life (rather than the kind that takes them away). You hope. But the reality is that there are good times and bad times in life. Nobody wants to see the bad times, and nobody wants to walk through life waiting for good to come. You just want the good to be there and stay there like the skin of your back or the soles of your feet. You want goodness to cling to you like perfume that lingers or like a good meal that leaves a nice taste in your mouth. I know I do.

One thing for sure, about change, is certain: change moves inside of you when it moves around things and people in your life. Change transforms the change-e and it moves you to look for things and people that you never thought you’d be looking for before. Ultimately, despite all the havoc change can bring into your life, I say its a good thing. It can force you to take stock of who and what’s in your life (are they in or out?), and it can grow you for the better (once those important decisions are made).


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