Every Step


Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

You probably moved into 2016 with unfinished business and untied shoe laces from 2015 and the year before it. They say a new year is a fresh start but I say a new year means its time to unload your goals, hopes, wishes, and plans from the last year into the new one. There’s always going to be old coming in with the new because goals, plans, wishes, and happenings don’t stop or start with a new year.

Everything moves into the new year with you.

Every step draws you closer to your goals being reached. Every step draws you nearer to what you want and need. Every step says you’re still knee deep in pain, struggle, and hard work. Every step says you haven’t given up on yourself or your dreams. A lot of people work their way through life, in the workplace or at home, but not a lot of people work towards wish fulfilment. For me, a new year is a new commitment to continue working towards everything I wish to get out of this world (no matter how big or small). We owe it to ourselves to start the new year with our old hopes and dreams and work towards making this new year our best yet.

– Adaora

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