We Work Together: Oil + Cream for the Body

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It’s been a while since you’ve seen me spotlight my skincare army, hasn’t it? Sorry! My focus has been on other things. But here I am again with an all important body grooming post! Over the course of the winter my skin gave me a lot of grief: for a time, my nipples were so dry that I had to re-enlist the help of an old friend), my eczema hot spots ( on the inner side of my arms and both my forearms, the front of my calves, my decolletage, and the backs of my thighs) tried it with me (as they waged a dryness war that I had previously not seen before – so chapped!). But guess what? I won every little battle and the war over body skin domination.

Strangely enough, although my hair hates Shea Butter (because it weights it down), my skin soaks it up like water. Together, thee two products are a pairing that my skin and I will enjoy for many years to come (please keep this lotion on your roaster St. Ives!):

Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil + St Ives Naturally Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion

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-A majestic pairing!

Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil will do (I believe Gallo was on sale at the time this was purchased), but St. Ives Naturally Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Lotion is exactly what you need: As you can see from the above photo, I decant my oil into a smaller dropper bottle. Here’s why: When I first starting using this oil, I quickly realized that the pour spout was not appropriate for body oil application; no matter how hard I tried to pour out a reasonable amount of product into my hand, the oil would always seemed to slip through my fingers, and onto my desk (not cute!). Using a dropper allows me to make use of a precise amount of product each time, and that means it lasts longer. The contents of this particular St. Ives body lotion are very important: Shea is a well known super hydrating ingredient (from head to toe), and oatmeal is an ingredient that is known to be very useful for those of us who suffer from Eczema and other dry skin issues.

My skin is touchably soft now!

– Adaora

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