Thoughts on Faith

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Thought of the day (before I start mine):

Faith is like a knife; you can use it, as millions do (Christian, Muslim, Hindu or whatever) to butter bread and hand it out for eating. Others think having access to a knife gives them licence to maim in the ‘name of’ anything. I can freely admit to seeing seen many who claim to be a fellow Christians (re: suicide bombers, cop civilian killers, and anybody acting violently in the name of Christ) do violent things. I have also seen people who claim to follow Islam, an inherently peaceful faith, bomb, shoot, and kill people. We live in a country (and are neighbours to another) where Christianity is woven into the law. When terrorism takes place, rather than calling it as it really is, the media spin masters continue to weave their tales of how violent Islam and its people are. The media has convinced a lot of ignorant people that Islam and its people are violent killers. But the vast majority of people who identify as Muslim follow their faith peacefully. They’re too busy praying, fasting, reading, and doing good deeds to plan on killing people. However, the media tells stories in a way that suggests they have never seen the ‘Holy Wars’ and other violent crimes previously and currently being committed in the name of God.

As I said, here in Canada, our legal and country wide declarations are inherently Christian. Yet, when people of colour go to the courts or work their way through this social and career driven system, there is no freedom or justice in that process for us. Christianity teaches a sense of kinship and being your brother and sisters keeper (as God loves all of us). Unfortunately, I have not seen this ideology followed through; plenty of Christians turn both eyes blind to the not so recent sling of Black civilian killings (which cops have been freely doing for decades), and they certainly don’t speak up against institutionalized racism when those who are victimized by it sound the alarm. Again, where is the sense of loving each other and insisting on true justice and freedom for all? Acts of terrorism, faced by people of colour in the Western world, are extremely disabling. These crimes are scarcely written about in the media, and it’s as if those of us forced to be victims (and therefore bear witness to it) are being dismissed again and again.

Please take the time to recognize that the vast majority of people who follow Islam are very peaceful. They want a warm home, healthy food, good school for their kids, and success for themselves and their entire family in the workplace. I would imagine that people who witnessed the Holy Wars as they were happening, and those who look back on slavery (and remember that ‘owners’ of human slaves would go to a Christian church, praise God, prevent slaves from reading, put their money in their Holy Bible and in other religious documents or items, and beat ‘their’ human slaves) were clearly not acting in the name of God. Let us not be so swift to take arms against our fellow human beings. Let us ask deeper questions (of the media and of ourselves) and follow up with a deeper inquiry on our humanity. Let us please do all of this before taking on the belief that a faith and its people are inherently violent.

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