Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away & Mint Sorbet

sun 009

sun 007

sun 004

sun 003With flash sun 008The Details:

1. The brush is amazing: Blue Me Away glides on easily, gives a good full coverage in two coats, and (if you struggle to paint your dominant hand – as I do!) it helps you along like the nail polishing novice that you are.

2. It dries like a champ: Blue Me Away dried on my nails in under two minutes – no joke!

3. You may not even need a nail primer: I used Blue Me Away over the remnants of a nude nail colour I was too lazy to take off (oops!). Amazingly, still worked!

4. The colour is bright and fabulous: Seriously, you guys, I am loving the hell out of Blue Me Away!


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