Food Feast For Easter


Here are some of the sights and sighs that were involved in cooking my Easter feast:

food 002
Vegan Breakfast Plantain Muffins (with cinnamon and vanilla)

food 001
Apples peeled and ready to be sliced 

food 003
Dutch Apple Pie(s) Topping

food 004 food 005
Apple pie fillings

food 009
Dutch Apple Pies (ready for the oven)

food 010 food 011
Dutch Apple Pies (close up)

food 016
food 015
Dutch Apple Pies (fresh from the oven – still bubbly!)

food 012
Broccoli & Carrots (ready for lasagna)

food 014
Spinach (previously frozen) ready for lasagna!

food 007
Herb and spice mix for inside cheese (re: ricotta and cottage cheese and mozzarella) 

food 017 food 018
Lasagna getting ready to go in the oven…

food 019
Sage and mushroom stuffing

food 020

Mushroom caps ready for stuffing 

food 021
Mushroom caps pre-cheese!

food 022
 Mushroom caps ready for eating! 

Happy Easter/Seasonal Holiday/Day off!

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