Detaining Tangles

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Here’s a funny thing I just realized while I was riffling through my huge bag of combs: I don’t use any brushes in my hair. I only use combs that are ‘fro friendly: combs go through my hair when it’s wet or damp, or when it has a lot of product in it. My combs (and oh boy, there are many of them!) all have a very specific shape and purpose. Observe:

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The Wet Comb

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This is the one and only comb that I use when my hair is completely soaking wet with water or for a detangling/pre-wash treatment. It’s wide, easy to glide through my ‘fro, and it serves as the perfect sidekick to my fingers.

The Damp Combs

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I use these combs (pretty interchangeably!) when my hair is damp rather than soaking wet. They’re really good for running a holding cream through curly hair. My fingers aren’t enough, because I want product smoothed through evenly, and these combs do what I bought them for. There is a lot of hair on my head to attend to!

The Detail’s

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I use these to organize what natural and relaxed women call the edges; that is, the part of your hair that runs along the edges of your scalp. When I pull my very curly hair into a ponytail or a bun, that edges can get pretty disorderly. A bit of edge control cream and an edge comb helps ensure that my edges lay just as I like it.

The Picks:

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Basically, when I want volume without ‘backcombing’ (which is trick that can damage and tangle the roots of your hair), a pick is what I work with. All I do is tilt my head and my ‘fro down, reach for a pick, and pick at my roots a little bit. I like picking when I want my ‘fro to look really big and lush.

The Clips:

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As you can imagine, with hair as thick and curly as mine, I have to section it all off whenever I detangle, treat, or style my hair. These are all essential clips and ties that make my hair job much easier.

– Adaora

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