Some Essentials…

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Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil – Dry, Damaged Hair

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I don’t use heat on my ‘fro; she doesn’t take kindly to hot irons of any kind, and she’s very particular about what she wants in her. I use this marvelous oil as a hair and scalp moisturizer. It has a solid pump, which makes it easy to get just as much as you need, and it has a fruity smell that isn’t off-putting. The only thing I would say about this stuff, which might be annoying to some naturals, is this: if you have very thick hair like I do, and you intend to use this stuff as a moisturizer, you will likely go through this bottle quickly. So you either use this sparingly or you buy yourself two bottles at a time (preferably while on sale!) for your ‘fro. Just keep that in mind.

Garnier Clean Smoothing Cream Cleanser for Dry Skin

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I love this stuff! It smells amazing, it doesn’t dry out my skin, and it is free of lather and foam (which I try to avoid like the plague due to dry skin issues). I like to smooth it all over, let it sit for a minute, and then I use a cleansing brush to work it all over my skin. My face and neck feel so clean and soft afterwards.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil

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This stuff is officially a must have! Amazingly, I use this without a cream moisturizer on top (as I usually would on my cheeks – they get so dry!). This facial oil battles on against dry skin and it wins! The only thing I would say about this, which might be off-putting to some people, is that it’s scented. If you have extremely sensitive skin, or if you’re nose itself is sensitive to scents, you might want to steer clear of this. It smells a bit of lavender and something amber-y. I love the scent of it, as it smells of the kind of perfume that I gravitate towards (but it’s a scent that doesn’t last very long.)

Live Clean Exotic Shine Nourishing Body Lotion

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When you have eczema, It can be very difficult to find a moisturizer that is thick and nourishing enough to really get into the skin and soften it. This lotion is thick, creamy, it smells amazing, and it’s doing a really good job so far. My skin hasn’t gone dry and ashy (a blessing!), it hydrates, and my skin is noticeably soft.


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