The Other Palettes

eyes 001

I bet you thought I was kidding when I said I’m not an eyeshadow person, didn’t you? I was not. Peep this:

Aside from my glorious new Coastal scents 252 palette, those three photo’d palettes are all that I have. Shocked? Horrified? Sorry! You know how much I love my lipstick

eyes 002

The Fashion Fair palette has been mentioned around these parts before. I thought the shadows on top were crumbly. I didn’t even notice that there were eyeshadows on the bottom too (which are ridiculously beautiful!). The gold shadow is glorious on the eyelid (sheered our or as an inner corner highlight), the purple is blendable, and basically the entire thing plays nice with my bright lipstick makeup game.

New thoughts: I like it a lot now. I swiped my backup from someone who couldn’t care less for eyeshadow. Now, between this, that and my Coastal Scents palette, I am good to go.

eyes 003

As for the NYC ‘Brown Eyes’ palette, it does good work: I use it for interviews, meetings, or any daytime hour when I feel that I should wear some sort of eyeshadow. The eye base/concealer that comes with it is nice for keeping eyeshadow in place and cancelling out the red undertones in my eyelids, and the eyeshadows themselves are very blendable. Basically, all of it, save for that hideously sheeny white paste ‘highlighter,’ is worth my time. It’s eyeshadow: it doesn’t excite me the way food or lipstick does, but it does the job. And I always find that my eyes do indeed pop out more (which I love!) when I use it.

Being in the possession of a newly made epic eyeshadow collection means that I have to step up my eye game, doesn’t it? I am very in love with my new eyeshadow palette.

I’m working on that eye game (and hitting YouTube like a champ for tips!).

– Adaora

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