I am Overloaded with Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents 252 Palette

BH 001

I received a game-changing gift this Christmas, from a friend named Jess who lives in Florida (Bless, I love you girl!). A mere part of the gift (yes, I was that spoiled this year!) was the Coastal Scents 252 Palette. And, let me tell you: As a lipstick lover, exploring the intense feels I have for this palette, I am in an odd position.

Normally I am very cavalier about my eyeshadow: previously, I only had two small eyeshadow palettes, if you can call them that, which are exactly the same (by Fashion Fair), and an NYC Brown Eyes Palette that has a nude matte brown, a shimmery brown, a medium-deep purple, a white shadow (which I never use – come on now!), an eye primer, and a highlighter (which, again I don’t use because it’s white based). That’s it.

But this palette man…it’s doing things to me!

Every single colour is amazing. Seriously, let me say that again:


Here’s a closer look:

BH 002

BH 005 BH 004 BH 003

I see colours that are very dupe-able to high-end brands that I love (Nars China Blue, Komchatka, Daphne, Bobbi Brown’s Bluebell and Ultra Violet Shimmer, and much more, look very similar to the blue’s and purples in this palette). I also see ever colours from all three Urban Decay’s Naked’s. And then there are shadows that I never thought I’d wear anywhere near my eyes (reds, blues, and neon shimmery greens), that I’m wanting to blend and play around with.

I am beside myself!

There is a lot of swatching and playing to do with this one. So look out for that!


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