St. Lawrence Market & The Australian Connection

Photo Credit: My Glass Condos

I met up with a friend (named Ivana and her friend Rachel) who visited Toronto as part of a glorious round trip tour of U.S. and Canada. Ivana and her friend are two lovely Aussie ladies who, although I didn’t have a lot of time, I had plenty of fun with!

We hit up St. Lawrence Market, the number one food and goods market in the world – according to the very astute National Geographic, and we ate our way through various sample cheeses, pretzels and Canadian mustard, and, of course, glorious Canadian Peller Estates wine.

First, we’ll start with detail views of St. Lawrence eats:

Happenings Sep2013 001
Mm cheese.

Happenings Sep2013 003
Duck Confit cheese – which Ivana says is glorious, and various other cheeses. Did I mention that St. Lawrence boasts a plethora of cheeses?

Happenings Sep2013 005
Glorious sweets.

Happenings Sep2013 004
Glorious, fresh pressed milk and delicious Greek yogurt. Mm.

After wandering around the market, and sampling various cheeses on our merry way,  we made our way to Buster’s Sea Cove (a classic, legendary, and glorious, eatery in Toronto.) But the line was a bit long, and we thought it would be a good idea to wander around the market more.

While taking the scenic route, we thought it would be a good idea to sample wine at the Wine Country Merchants:

Happenings Sep2013 006
Pop those bottles!

The dude at the counter, who was offering us glorious sample wine tastings, asked for us to tell him – in rapid fire – our years of birth. We did. Once confirmation was made, confirmed, and spoken for, we tipped back our paper wine cups:

Happenings Sep2013 007
Mm. Fruity.

We didn’t have enough to get tipsy. Not in the afternoon! But we did circle back to Buster’s Sea Cove for food. Sadly, the line loomed still. In fact, it was even longer, and much more ominous, than before. At that point, with all of us feeling a little bit more hungry, Ivana suggested we sweat it out. So we waited:

Happenings Sep2013 008
Tick. Tick. Tick.

Luckily the line went by quickly, as the staff was taking and shouting back orders to those queued up, and it wasn’t long before we went to look for a place to sit down and eat our meal:

Happenings Sep2013 009
A bisque, Ivana’s Calamari – if you squint you can see it, and Rachel’s crab cakes. Squint please. The two Aussies went for water bottles, and I had a can of Ice Tea. Mm.

After stuffing ourselves to capacity, and savouring the after taste of glorious food that rang the bell that is our taste buds, Rachel – a chronic nail polish picker – said that she needed to find a chemist (that is a drugstore here in Canada and in U.S.) to find a cheap nail polish remover. I suggested that we hit up Shopper’s Drugmart (the closest location being a few blocks away in a large business and commercial tower.)

Um…on the way there we stopped by Winners. Good God, Winners. Winners please. I had no idea they sold designer handbags. They put hearts in my eyes for a Fendi red leather handbag (that I have got to have in my collection. I could cry thinking about it). One day, I vow, it will be mine. And you’ll see it here first.

After the smallest amount of Shoppers shopping we went to the ladies. And, while waiting outside for Rachel to finish up in the ladies, Ivana surprised me with the gift of an Australian beauty delicacy; Nature’s Lore Paw Paw Lip Balm – a miracle moisturizer/topical cream – which I had mentioned to her that I would like to try months ago. She’s such a sweetie!

Happenings Sep2013 012Look out for a review on Nature’s Lore Paw Paw Lip Balm soon!

We had so so so much fun within our small amount of time together. I miss my girl already! It is clear that I will have to make my way to Australia sometime soon.




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